For some people, waking up in a morning and getting going can be a bit of a chore, especially if you’re not much of a morning person. However, if you are looking to set yourself up for the day, and want to feel fantastic in the process, you may wish to seriously consider taking up yoga in a morning. Yoga in a morning will leave you feeling fantastic for the rest of the day, and then of course, there will be countless other benefits associated with yoga that you may not have previously noticed.


You don’t have to perform yoga first thing in a morning, as there are plenty of people out there that prefer to practice their yoga in an evening, as they feel it helps them relax and unwind. If however, you care looking to get into the habit of performing yoga first thing in a morning, it’s easy to work into your routine. All you need is some suitable good quality sportswear, and a little space to move. Here are some useful tips to help get you started;




Choose the right surface


Yoga is an activity that ideally has to be performed on a yoga mat in order for you to see and feel many of its benefits, so if you do have the option of using a yoga mat, you should get into the habit of always doing your yoga on that particular surface. If not, a soft towel will do, or even a clean and soft carpet. Don’t do it on hard floors without previous experience however, as this could cause pain and discomfort, especially if you’re not used to it.


Find an adequate space


Although you obviously do not need to find an entire yoga studio to practice your morning yoga in, you will need to select a room, or a space in a room, that allows you to easily move freely without being obstructed by walls or pieces of furniture. If there is furniture in the day, providing it can easily be moved, try moving it and seeing how freely you can move around. You need plenty of room to fully extend all of your extremities etc, so find the largest space that you can.


Begin with a gentle routine


If you’re not used to yoga, or if you’re practicing a beginners yoga routine for the first time – or even  if you are simply not used to exercising in the morning, make sure that you begin with a slow and gentle routine, to help you break into things. Ideally you should aim for a short period of time with relatively easy exercises, with many people preferring to begin with no more than 10 minutes for the first few days. Once it does begin to feel far too easy, you can then extend the duration by five minutes, and you may wish to include slightly more testing stretches and poses.


yoga position


Get into a morning routine



In order to see and feel the true benefits of morning yoga, you can’t just go to bed when you like, and wake up when you like, as you need to be in a routine. Go to bed at a sensible hour, aim for around 7 – 9 hours of sleep, and set your alarm at a reasonable hour in the morning, which will probably need to be slightly earlier than you usually wake up, as you will obviously now have 10 – 15 minutes of yoga to perform. After a while, your body clock will take care of things for you, so you won’t even need to set an alarm at all.