At present, the global sensor is about 26,000 types, with the new material technology and sensitive mechanism of innovation, new varieties and types will continue to emerge. China has about 12,000 kinds, less than the global 1/2, mostly for the conventional types and varieties, in the medical, scientific research, microbial, chemical analysis and other Sensor special high-end areas are still a large number of shortages or gaps. Sensor technology is rapidly to the multi-functional, technology composite and integration, and miniaturization, modular, digital, intelligent, systematic, network development.

  The world is engaged in sensor development and production of about 6500, of which the United States, Europe, Japan are more than 1,000, more than 800 Russia, other countries and regions more than 2,700. In the market, the United States ranks first, accounting for 35% of total sales, Japan accounted for about 20%, Germany accounted for about 15%. The total sales Suction Control Valve of the three countries accounted for 70% of the world market. The next five years, the sensor market growth rate will be more than 15% is still high growth industry. China has more than 1,700 enterprises and institutions engaged in sensitive components and sensors R \u0026 D and production, the basic categories complete, can be the product of the 10 categories, 42 categories, more than 6,000 varieties, the total output of more than 60 billion. In 2014, China's sensor sales exceeded 100 billion yuan in 2015 exceeded 120 billion yuan in 2016 exceeded 130 billion yuan.

  Whether the car, ship, high-speed rail, aerospace aircraft, or mobile terminals, robots, are multi-technology integration and aggregation of the 'platform' is also the installation of the sensor 'platform', its performance depends on the number of installed sensors And what type of sensor is installed. For example, the robot has internal and external sensors, the internal sensor is the internal joint and the activities of the coordination between institutions, through the sensor to obtain large amounts of data and transmission; external sensor through the 'facial features' window Temperature Sensor to obtain environmental data, through the sensor Access to sound, temperature and humidity, pressure, flow, magnetic field, gas, shape patterns and other parameters of the changes in indicators to monitor their own operation and security status.

  Therefore, the more types of sensors and the number of sensors installed, the more information to get outside the data, combined with software analysis model, the 'platform' of the intelligent level and the higher the degree of wisdom, the more powerful service functions. Internet of Things Speed Sensor era is coming to us, in the past people fantasy things networking, intelligent society picture, now with the development of sensor technology has gradually become a reality.