4008 is Dongfeng Peugeot's a compact SUV, officially listed in 2016 sales, providing 1.6T, 1.8T engine. 2019 will be in the Shenlong Automobile Company Chengdu factory production Dongfeng Peugeot 4008 plugged mixed version. Compared Sensor to drive power models, plug-in hybrid version of the vehicle 100 km comprehensive fuel consumption is expected to decline to about 3L.

  4008 is expected to carry the same plug-in hybrid system as the DS 7 CROSSBACK. It consists of a 150kW petrol engine and two motors arranged on the front and rear axles. The maximum power of each motor is 80kW, the combined maximum power is 223kW, the peak torque 450Nm. Transmission system, with the power system will be the latest development of the 8-speed Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor automatic transmission, pure electric mode mileage of 60km. The current 4008 1.8T models 100 km comprehensive fuel consumption of 6.6L, plug-in hybrid version of 100 km integrated fuel consumption is expected to decline by about half.

   4008 plugged hybrid version of the appearance is expected to use the cash model design, the front face of the staggered staggered dot matrix grille, decorated with a wealth of chrome trim. The rear is Pressure Sensor equipped with lion claw type LED taillights group, light recognition after the higher. Unlike traditional power, the 4008 plug-in hybrid version will be added to the vehicle charging interface.