Some tips and tricks for a seamless move.


Packing up and relocating a lifetime’s worth of belongings can be a very precarious thing. But before you order 500 yards of bubble wrap and hire a semi-sized moving van, have a look at some of the important Dos and often more important Don’ts for the big journey. They might just save you time, money, and energy.




Pack smart. Moving doesn’t have to be all bubble wrap and crisp boxes. If you get creative enough, you can source almost, if not all, of your packing materials for free. Packing up your dishes? Try padding them with clothing and/or linens. Boxing up all those DVDs? Score free boxes from your local super market. Moving with furniture? Use a clean tarp to prevent damage to the upholstery. You might even find packing materials on sites like Craigslist, Gumtree, or Freecycle.


Start early. Give yourself some time to pack efficiently. Don’t throw everything in boxes at the last minute. You will also want a little extra time to sort through items that you aren’t taking with you.


Label your boxes. And label them on all four sides and the top. Try to pack items together by room to avoid excess confusion. This will make the unpacking process a little less overwhelming.


Ship your items. When it comes to long-distance or overseas moves, you have options. Rather than packing your items into a rented lorry or shipping container, consider using a packing solution service, such as Pack & Send.


Get insurance. No one plans to have anything break or get stolen during a move, but it’s best to be prepared.


Take inventory. While getting insurance is a must-do, it won’t do you as much good if you don’t take inventory first. Note the number of boxes you have and the condition of valuable items pre-move. If applicable, also note the shipping number of the courier service used to relocate your items.




Leave empty space in your boxes. Packing half-full boxes runs the risk of some nasty upheaval. Items neatly packed at the bottom of the box might be in a jumble by the time it reaches your destination. If you don’t have anything else to put in the box, check out Sealed Air packaging.


Pack the important stuff. Maintain access to items like phone chargers, first aid kits, and personal documents at all times.


Go overboard. Make sure you have the packing materials and/or packing solutions that you need, but not in excess. If you only have one room’s worth of items to move, there’s no need to rent a massive lorry to haul it off. Consider opting for a moving service that specializes in small-scale moves.


Overextend yourself. Let’s face it—even that seemingly not-so-heavy endtable can wreak havoc on your back. So before you find yourself with an injury mid-move, ask a friend or professional mover for help.


Hire amateurs. If you choose to hire a professional moving service, do a little research first. Make sure they have the proper credentials to be doing the move and/or operating the vehicles. Use Yelp to find unbiased company reviews to help with your decision. Once you decide on a moving service, get the most accurate estimate possible.



When it comes to the big move, try to relax. Don’t let logistics put a damper on the exciting transition at hand. There are plenty of services out there, so as long as you find the one(s) that fits your needs, your move should go smoothly.