Double clutch Although the 'long' like automatic transmission, but in essence it is actually based on the manual gearbox improved. Double clutch has two pairs of clutch and two power output shaft (more than double the manual block), and by the two clutch control of different gears, are responsible Sensor for engaging different gears. 6-speed dual-clutch gearbox, for example, it will be divided into six stalls odd and even file, when the vehicle is in a file, the high gear of the second gear has long been ready to switch at any time, and then the file Bit switch and so on, the advantage of doing so is greatly improved the shift time, greatly enhance the efficiency of transmission, theoretically can be more fuel efficient.

, Due to the upgrade from the manual gearbox, compared with the automatic transmission, its structure is relatively simple, take up less space; contrast CVT gearbox, double clutch can withstand a relatively higher torque output. Dual-clutch gearbox has taken advantage, but from its feedback over the past few years it has been found that people do not buy it on the actual performance, and even a considerable number of dual-clutch gearbox in the course of the use of a failure. Manual gear type in the semi-clutch and start, etc., friction plate and pressure plate will produce severe friction, this friction will cause the friction plate to produce normal wear and tear. In the past, the gap between the friction plate Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor and the platen will gradually increase, and this normal loss is reflected in the operation that the 'clutch point' of the clutch pedal becomes so high - assuming that the old driver clutch pedal is only half Disk and friction plate combination; now friction plate wear, and the gap between the pressure plate, the clutch pedal loose more than half a little bit, pressure plate and friction plate to complete the combination.

   The old driver will be a little bit to adapt, but TCU will not, it will only follow the established process to continue to control the clutch, the same, ever-changing road conditions and owners driving habits TCU will not understand. The problem is that in the congestion and stop the road, double clutch in the 'clutch' control part is always in the 'half-clutch state', it is prone to overheating, resulting in a series of failures. While the other suffered a lot of criticism of the frustration, double clutch, after all, is manually blocked body, because there is no automatic torque torque converter buffer, low gear shift Temperature Sensor on the frustration is difficult to offset. Wet double clutch with oil lubrication and cooling, compared to dry double-clutch heat better, but still can not cure, and the larger, higher cost, and the need for automatic transmission as regular maintenance, replacement of oil.

  Double clutch technology threshold is lower, not only can choose their own research and development, but also can be purchased, the price is still relatively cheap; the most important thing is, in the double clutch, the world's car prices are in the same starting line, there is no automatic variable speed Box so exaggerated strength gap ... dual clutch transmission of the existing problems, in fact, is the technical bottleneck. Although it is still impossible to break, but the dual-clutch theoretical and technological advantages, cost and environmental constraints or to attract the major car manufacturers to participate in the follow-up to them. In fact, now the double clutch and once the development process of automatic transmission is very similar, in the early have experienced immature technology, product instability, high failure rate stage, but with the continuous development ABS Sensor of the future technology, double clutch will break through the technical bottleneck , To achieve real efficiency and practical.