Neutral skid is not only fuel-efficient, but also may cause the tragedy of car crash. Neutral sliding means that in the motor vehicle driving, the driver put the shift lever in the neutral position, so that the engine and the drive wheel clutch separation, the use of vehicle inertia driving method Sensor of operation. With the development of science and technology, EFI, direct injection and other engine technology popular, and now has rarely seen the use of carburetor cars.
  When the carburetor is sliding in the neutral gear, the engine is in idle state and the throttle valve is closed. At this time, the engine speed is reduced, the airflow rate at the throat is reduced, the vacuum pressure becomes smaller, and the amount of gasoline emitted from the nozzle Then become smaller, this time the engine is the most fuel-efficient state. When the block sliding, the throttle, although in a closed state, but the engine speed is very high, the flow rate in the throat than the air gap when the conditions faster, so the vacuum pressure is greater, under the action of vacuum pressure, from the spray The amount of gasoline emitted by the tube is much higher than the fuel injection rate in the idle state. So the carburetor car in the neutral slip when the taxi than the block when the fuel-efficient taxi.

   Now the car engines are basically multi-point EFI, direct injection of the cylinder, carburetor era has been basically the past. Ejector fuel injection is controlled by the ECU, and by the throttle position sensor, engine crankshaft speed sensor, air flow meter, crankshaft phase sensor and other devices to detect and detect the information through the ECU for analysis, the final treatment Issued instructions to the various implementing agencies action. For example, we release the throttle car began to taxi, the ECU will be based on the throttle position sensor to determine the throttle closed at this time for the idle conditions, and then through the crankshaft speed sensor to determine the engine speed, and finally according Suction Control Valve to the feedback of the sensor back to the signal, We make judgment and make instruction to reduce fuel injection. At this time the fuel consumption of 100 km instantaneous zero. Obviously, this state is more fuel-efficient than the neutral time, because the neutral time still need to maintain the engine through the fuel injection operation.

   If a car hanging on the air block, just a person can easily push. But hang a block stop, even if resorted to all the stops are difficult to promote. This is because the engine in operation when the need to overcome their own resistance is very large, hanging gear can use the engine brake to limit the speed of the car downhill. While the neutral slip can only use the brakes to brake. In the next long slope, the long brake will quickly increase the temperature of the brake pads, due to thermal recession, greatly reducing fuel metering valve the braking performance, the phenomenon of brake failure. So it is very dangerous to slide in the downhill skyline! Regardless of the old car, should not be in order to save some oil, ignore their own and passenger safety.

   For automatic transmission models, the automatic torque converter within the transmission through the internal viscous silicone oil to achieve power transmission, but also responsible for the transmission of lubricating oil inside the cycle. Neutral gear When the gearbox part of the components in the wheel is still driven by high-speed working state, but the lubrication and cooling Temperature Sensor of the oil is stopped, resulting in the internal temperature of the gearbox to reduce the lubrication capacity, which will lead to the transmission internal friction plate Excessive wear, resulting in transmission damage.

  Now, neutral skid both from the fuel-efficient or safe to consider the two angles, it is not desirable, if there is a bad habit of friends, or to get rid of as soon as possible. We drive the most basic starting point should not be fuel-efficient, safe driving should always be the first place.