We have fantasized about the future of the car, the squeeze on the internal combustion engine makes the first fantasy is being realized; the second vision in the global environmental pressure is also 'forced' to achieve. And the third fantasy is also about to achieve - semi-automatic driving technology is a massive invasion Sensor of the car. If all the cars look into a car society, will find the autopilot is still above the more advanced form. Such as zero casualties of intelligent transportation society. Almost all car prices are moving towards this goal, although they have not yet achieved real automatic driving, but can not deny that they have achieved considerable results in the field. Behind these results, those who really have a forward-looking look at the technology suppliers, because they usually need to have ahead of the community 5 to 10 years of technical reserves to meet the vehicle factory customers may at any time the technical needs.

  A car to achieve automatic driving needs to rely on cameras and sensors to collect data, and can recognize the significance of these data, the machine's learning speed is still not as human. The same need to spend a lot of sensor data as the basis, in order to make the right predictions, such as the calculation of what will happen in the next second, whether there will be pedestrians reach the intersection and so on. The digital map is continually updated by the data collected by the sensor. In the two steps of cognitive and decision-making, the machine is constantly learning Suction Control Valve and progressing, that is, so-called artificial intelligence. In the third step, Bosch will work with Baidu, Tak, TomTom and other map providers to launch a 'road radar characteristics' technology. Can automatically drive the positioning accuracy of the car to centimeter level. With billions of information provided by a single radar reflection point, even in areas where the light is poor, the car can copy the route and pinpoint it.

  This is even in the artificial driving phase, the carrying of various types of sensors are still showing good ability. A mature autopilot system shows the ability to 'route copy'. Engineers drove the vehicle ahead of the route, and the sensor identified the road condition through the 'road radar signature' technique and plotted a high-precision map. In a crooked irregular ring road, the test car Throttle Position Sensor completed the autopilot. Even if the driver is driving automatically, the vehicle will prompt the driver to put his hands on the steering wheel. If you do not do so, the system will sound an alarm after a certain period of time and continue to slow down until it stops completely or the driver re-holds the steering wheel.
  Bosch's 'zero emissions' will be achieved through the electrification, on the one hand the increase in the electronic system needs a higher voltage to support its high load; the other hand, it is the performance of the vehicle is unparalleled. Through the combination of automation, interconnection and electrification, Bosch depicts Pressure Switch a smart city vision of 'zero casualties, zero emissions, zero pollution'.