i have this theory that while there are some archetypes and common themes concerning dream symbolism, that each of us has some personal, distinct recurring symbols that don't easily match up with symbols as addressed in most dream books.  While our personal symbols or language may not be utterly unique to us (with 7+ Billion souls on earth alone the odds are against that) they can fall outside the usual formalized attempts to decipher.

I've been doing a lot of thinking about this and trying to write about it, and ways to learn what YOUR dream language is (modern 'civilized' culture doesn't really encourage it).  But I'm trying to find out if anyone else feels the same.  Ever look something up or have someone tell you 'That means ___.' with great conviction but your gut told you 'No, not for me it doesn't'?  Is there a particular type of dream that cues you to pay more attention to events or people in your life? (Dreaming  I'm driving a car with unresponsive brakes has always happened when a romantic relationship was moving too fast.  now I have made some other precipitous type decisions commitments (re jobs, where I'm living, purchases) but it only happens when I'm in a quickly developing romance.  Houses are my core self trying to tell me something about my current mental state. Won't bore with details now.

How about you what are your recurring symbols, clues to the meanings of your dreams????