The engine after a night of standing, the friction surface of the oil disappeared, loss of oil film protection; low temperature so that greatly increase the viscosity of lubricating oil, adhesion and mobility worse. At this point, start the engine movement resistance greatly increased, starting more than 60% of the power are used to overcome the movement resistance. At this time, the vehicle preheating problem Sensor on the front. The cooler needs to warm up. According to experts, the engine in the cold start when the wear and tear accounted for about half of the total wear and tear. Normal idle trolley can reduce this wear and prolong the service life of the engine. At low temperatures, the metal will show a small elasticity and abrasion resistance; only at the operating temperature, the engine can achieve the normal with the gap, to maintain the working condition. Low temperature start the engine, then start driving. Due to uneven mixing ratio, the engine output power is insufficient; low temperature, the atomization is not sufficient fuel can not be fully burned, easy to form carbon; part of the gasoline is not atomized from the cylinder wall directly into the crankcase and oil mixture, reduce oil quality. Hot car time is not the longer the better. Long hot car, the engine to do no work, waste of fuel is not conducive to environmental protection. Under normal circumstances, the middle and low cars to the normal idle operation, the water temperature 70 ℃ ~ 80 ℃ is appropriate; normal idle, carburetor engine in the push back the door after the engine idling smooth; EFI engine from the fast idle state of 1200 turn To 800 rpm, the driver just need to watch the normal speed can drive. Not only the engine, the gearbox also needs to warm up.
    Protect the car heart to teach you how to properly maintain the engine Everyone has a heart, if the heart stops beating, life will also disappear. Car is no exception, the engine is the heart of the car, maintenance of good and bad directly affect the performance of the car and its life. If the engine is not working properly, will cause you the following effects: the car running at least 10% increase in fuel consumption, greatly increasing your operating costs Auto exhaust emissions annual inspection can not be normal, increase your tail gas inspection costs; significantly shorten the car oxygen sensor, three Yuan catalytic converter life, increase your maintenance costs; In addition, the Beijing Environmental Protection Agency car exhaust laser remote Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor sensing vehicle has begun to work on the road, your car will be fined for environmental violations. The traditional engine replacement oil three-filter maintenance can not meet the closed-loop EFI engine maintenance requirements. At present, more than 90% of the car engine is not working properly, in the fuel consumption increased, power down, the exhaust of the sub-health status of excessive! Causes the engine to work abnormally, the main factors are: poor fuel oil, the use of manganese antistatic agent MMT, in some areas using ethanol gasoline, lubricants use sulfur or phosphorus antioxidant, road congestion. So in order to let our car away from the 'heart disease', it is necessary to love their own heart like car care car.
   Especially in the spring and summer of the season, due to the large humidity, and the high temperature when the low, easy to damage the engine, so the maintenance of good and bad directly affect the performance of the car and its service life. Experts said that the owners of the five most concerned about the crime is a direct result of car owners have 'heart disease' reasons. Not always on the maintenance fuel metering valve of the engine Usually people always like to invest a lot of money on the conversion, but it is easy to ignore the maintenance of the engine to the regular. According to experienced auto repair master said that in their handling of the car, the vehicle due to poor maintenance caused by failure of the total failure of 50% of the total failure. Visible engine maintenance to extend vehicle life can play a vital role. Of course, will give you to reduce unnecessary losses, or how will there be 'to raise maintenance' this argument.