Unmanned car, a topic that can not be ignored is the 'driving strategy' is the unmanned car on the traffic conditions made by the reaction. There are many cars at the crossroads or rings and other roads, respectively, to different directions, which car should be the first line? If you have taken into account Sensor the traffic rules in the principle of comity, in the human driving situation, many cars will always have a special 'kill', and other driving will let him first; but if they are unmanned car? Whether the machines can communicate with each other to decide which car first? Or automatic driving and human driving on the road with the situation?

  Setting up driving strategies for these unmanned vehicles is an important step in making them practical; as long as the drivers know that even if the daily routes are the same, the traffic will continue to vary from time to time. Human drivers tend to have a lot of unexpected driving behavior, and these are difficult to rule the way to let the machine learn; this will be in the city to achieve the biggest challenge of unmanned vehicles. Perhaps as Oberman said, one day when the safety of unmanned vehicles can be confirmed, when humans may not be allowed to master the steering wheel, must be completely driven by the machine, and people can only like a playground and other specific areas Experience driving fun. Now there is no concern about the unmanned car, because it is a hot topic; unmanned car to achieve there are many difficult challenges fuel metering valve to be overcome, perhaps we do not expect or focus on the visible future in the realization of no one Driving the car, but the first machine learning technology used in other driving safety and comfort can enhance the application, will be more practical approach.

  Hoping to immediately see unmanned vehicles on the road is really difficult; and for such as Mobileye technology suppliers, is trying to achieve the necessary elements of unmanned vehicles. Unmanned vehicles have three key technical elements: one is the vehicle's hardware and software platform, and the other is to establish a reference for vehicles, at any time according to road conditions to update the map ─ ─ Google Map navigation map is different, but to Can point out which roads are pavement pits, construction, traffic accidents ... and so on unfavorable driving situation; the third is the driving strategy mentioned earlier, which involves the communication between vehicles and the consideration of different urban traffic rules. The United States Speed Sensor a year about 3.5 million people died in traffic accidents, and people can accept such a reality; but when we meet the era of automatic driving, people can accept the machine out of the situation, or their relatives and friends because of machine-driven vehicles Accident?

   When the unmanned car accident when who is responsible, is indeed a very important issue, if the depot to be responsible, I am afraid it is difficult to have a depot can continue to survive; when the car driving is human, the public can understand him Of the driving behavior, but if the car driving into a machine, everything is hard to say. , The realization of unmanned vehicles In addition Throttle Position Sensor to the technology itself, but also the government in the traffic laws and regulations, road policy, proper thinking. The pace of technological change is very fast, but the speed at which the world's governments formulate strategies and regulations often do not seem to keep up. The