Changan Suzuki witnessed the development of China's auto market. Changan Suzuki is a market-oriented, consumer-centric, and constantly explore a better way to communicate with consumers. The two sides work together, will continue to optimize Changan Suzuki and drops of consumer experience. Relying on the large amount of large-scale data and a strong data processing capabilities, drop business is based Sensor on test drive products to build a new car experience service platform for the needs of customers with pre-purchase experience, while the car brand and consumers to build communication bridge, To help the car manufacturers to accurately and accurately touch the consumer.

  The use of mobile Internet platform innovation technology and service model, to achieve breakthrough and transformation, is an important way for the development of Changan Suzuki. Drop as a domestic top mobile Internet platform, with a strong resource integration capabilities and data processing capabilities. The two sides have a strong complementarity and synergies, and its cooperation will provide users with better quality, more convenient services. Behind every car is a brand, everyone may have a car needs of consumers, drops of these cars and people to meet the dispatch of brands and consumers to meet. Brands need to communicate with consumers, consumers need to understand their own goods to be purchased, the technology to make the two needs are met. Relying on technology Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor and large data, with the experience to narrow the distance between the brand and the consumer, is the drop business can bring the core value of the automotive industry.

   In terms of experience and sales opportunities, the consumer decision-making process is a consumer transformation funnel, car companies to provide consumers with more opportunities to test drive experience, will increase the chance of being selected by consumers. Drop the new car experience to reach the efficiency of consumers greatly improved, more consumer experience, will bring more sales opportunities for car prices. In the consumer touch efficiency, the drop can help the car to achieve more efficient consumer touch, this touch effect is 50 to 200 times the total number of test drive test drive. In the drip platform, each car can be connected every day 10-15 single, is the traditional test drive efficiency of 5 times. And the drop platform is not limited by the number of store visitors, by analyzing the massive order data, so that more test drive uninterrupted orders, the same area fuel metering valve test drive demand can increase more than 10 times, touch 100-150 people a day , Then the same area of ​​the consumer reach the efficiency of the original 50 times, or even 200 times.

   Drops can help the brand in the marketing of the critical period quickly formed market reputation. The new car market will take about a year before entering the word of mouth maturity, in the blank period, the drop can take advantage of the huge amount of users, contributed to a large number of consumer brand contacts, the rapid accumulation of certain owners and the formation of word of mouth. On the platform to provide comments on the entrance and exchange community, each new car will be collected within a few days to collect thousands or even tens of thousands of comments, which is a new car's impact is unthinkable. In the era of large data, accurate target consumers have become the basic requirements of marketing, drop the platform through the technical analysis of consumer mass data, for them to create user portraits, so that you can find them accurately, to provide them with Want something. In terms of regional layouts, every city covered by a drop platform can be viewed as a database.

   In the customer relationship management link, the data is like a link, drops can help car manufacturers across the middle links, and consumers directly to achieve two-way communication. Vehicles in the process of running will produce a lot of data, including the location of vehicles, mileage, speed, fuel consumption, failure and so on, the same model in different regions of the data is not the same. In practice, the drop of business has gradually been equipped with large-scale platform for operational capacity, and now has set up a test commissioner, vehicle operations, finance, leasing consulting experience service team, and the ability to integrate the interests of all stakeholders, Of the implementation of the ground. Manufacturers through Pressure Sensor the drop of business new car experience service platform and consumers fully linked. The value of Internet technology and large data increasingly prominent in the future, the automotive industry will bring more possibilities.