Siemens' business unit, Mentor, has introduced a complete automated driving solution, the DRS360 platform. The platform uses breakthrough technology to capture, fuse and utilize raw data in real time with a variety of sensing tools (including radar, LIDAR, images, and other sensors). DRS360 platform not only greatly improved the delay, but also significantly improve Sensor the accuracy of the sensor and the overall system efficiency, which can meet the requirements of SAE 5 automatic driving vehicles.

  As a leader in the autopilot platform, the DRS360 transfers unselected information directly from all system sensors to a central processing unit, where the raw data will be streamlined at different levels. By working with industry-leading sensor suppliers, the platform is able to use innovative 'raw data sensors', thereby reducing the power, cost and size of the processing of microcontrollers Suction Control Valve and sensor nodes. Dealing with pre-processing microcontrollers at all system sensor nodes can bring a number of benefits, including improved real-time performance, significantly reducing system cost and complexity, and access to all captured sensor data to create high ambient and driving conditions around the vehicle Resolution model.

  The platform simplifies the physical bus architecture, hardware interface and complexity, as well as time-triggered Ethernet backbone architecture, to create a more streamlined data transmission architecture, thereby further reducing system latency. The architecture also utilizes centralized and unselected sensor data to achieve redundancy fuel metering valve and dynamic resolution of the environment, ensuring greater accuracy and reliability. The solution has optimized signal processing software, advanced algorithms, and neural networks that are optimized for calculation and can be used for machine learning, all of which can be run on a seamless integrated automotive platform.

  For over 25 years, Mentor has always been committed to working with leading automotive OEMs and suppliers in the world to build leadership in the field, enabling solutions to lead innovation and meet industry safety, efficiency and quality. With the DRS360's powerful solution, Mentor has consolidated its leadership position in the field of automated driving technology, while also increasing its investment in the field. Hoping to become the backbone of the industry to help the industry to stimulate the great potential of auto driving the car, and benefit from it.

   The DRS360 platform is designed to meet the mass production requirements of safety, cost, power, heat and emissions and can be deployed in systems conforming to the ISO 26262 ASIL D standard. With the flexibility and ultra-high signal processing efficiency of the FPGA, the DRS360 deployed a Xilinx Zynq UltraScale + MPSoC device in the first generation, along with SoC Temperature Sensor and security controllers based on the X86 or ARM infrastructure. A solution that supports fully automated driving within a 100-watt power limit is born.

  Mentor Automotive's centralized real-time raw sensor data fusion technology provides a new and innovative concept for automaton developers with extremely high flexibility and efficient power handling efficiency, and their signal processing capabilities Optimization, and the Xilinx Automotive Zynq UltraScale + MPSoC family of products is also committed to such applications, the system from a variety ABS Sensor of different sensors to capture, pre-processing and integration of data play an important role in the process. Xilinx is pleased to help Mentor Automotive turn this innovative and powerful automotive solution into reality.

  The DRS360 autopilot platform is the latest addition to the Mentor division Mentor Automotive. The company has decades of experience in supplying automotive-grade electrical and electronic systems. At present, the company has with the world's 20 major car manufacturers in 17 companies to establish a cooperative relationship in the field of automotive network solutions Throttle Position Sensor in a leading position, is also the largest automotive Linux system suppliers. The company is committed to providing hardware and design tools for automotive connectivity, electrification, autopilot and vehicle architecture.

  For decades, Mentor Automotive has been able to help engineers succeed in creating a number of unprecedented mature systems. The DRS360 platform is a great innovation in the company's innovative approach to automating driving. The final analysis shows that autonomous driving is a Extremely complex system, and Mentor has been successful Pressure Switch for the world's many large and innovative companies to build, design and integration of such systems, and its accumulated experience at this time with the useless.