Ford and pizza supplier reached the United States and music cooperation, in September this year in Michigan through the automatic driving car pizza takeaway service. Of course, this is not the most advanced take-up services, after it has been used Sensor in New Zealand unmanned aerial vehicles and automated robots to provide customers with takeaway services.

  Sherif Marakby, head of Ford's autopilot, said Ford plans to deploy autopilot technology with a number of partners to improve staff and cargo mobility. The company is expected to launch an automated driving fleet for the car market in 2021. In partnership with Delta, Ford uses the autopilot's Fusion car to provide pizza takeaway for random users in the Ann Arbor area. At first the project will be equipped with a human driver in the car. Users can track the entire pizza delivery process through GPS, and will receive tips Suction Control Valve on how to take pizza messages. Whether it is a start-up, or a large technology company like Uber and Amazon, are trying to deliver on demand. However, there is still a lot of controversy over how automation can fundamentally solve delivery problems, such as how to bring pizza economy to the fifth floor of the university dormitory is a problem.

  Ford's autopilot did not solve the problem. It just stopped at the customer's home, so it can not provide real point-to-point service. Dearmy spokesman Jenny Fouracre said he was still committed to solving the final 50-foot problem. But how fuel metering valve to pizza from the roadside to the customer outside the door, this is still a challenge.