Hip replacement surgery is a procedure in which a doctor surgically removes a painful hip joint with arthritis and replaces it with an artificial joint often made from metal and plastic components. It is done when all other treatment alternatives have failed to give sufficient pain relief. The procedure should relieve a painful hip joint, making walking easier.

Hip Replacement Treatment

Types of Hip Replacement Surgery Recommended in India

Hip replacement surgery should be considered when other non-surgical methods of treating hip arthritis have been attempted without success. To make hip surgery in India more easy and affordable for Ethiopian patients, Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India Consultant its patients an 80 per cent discount in hip replacement treatment cost in India health care charges for services procured in its hospitals in India. 

There are two surgical methodologies - traditional hip replacement and invasive hip replacement surgery.

Traditional hip replacement surgery requires a large incision over the hip bone and the separation of muscle from the joint. 

By differentiate surgeons utilizing the more up to date technique make two little cuts – a 2 inch one in front of the hip and a 1.5 inch one in back (though incision length can vary with the size of the patient). Using x-ray guidance and special tools the surgeon pushes aside muscle instead of cutting through it. The socket part of the hip joint is replaced through the front cut and the ball portion of the hip joint through the back cut.

Why Ethiopian Patients choose India to treat hip pain?

India is becoming a prime destination for Ethiopian seeking affordable hip replacement treatment cost in India. Ethiopian patients are of high opinion of Indian health services. Many Ethiopian travels to Chennai, India for the sake of quality treatment or hip. India is one such country, which provides a quality hip replacement surgery at an affordable price. Ethiopian people display tremendous amount of confidence on the Indian healthcare system. 

Dr. Vijay C Bose

Many hospitals and health centers specialize in hip replacement surgery in Chennai, India. Hospitals in India consist of highly qualified orthopedic surgeons like Dr. Vijay Bose. Dr. Vijay Bose surgeon at apollo hospital Chennai is the best and top hip surgeon in India. dr. vijay has performed over 2,300 hip surgeries in Chennai till date. Dr. Bose passes on the efficiency savings achieved to patients. He is pursuing a one-man mission to drive down the cost of hospital care.

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Special Packages offered for Ethiopian Patients by Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India Consultant in India

At Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India Consultant we know how hard it may be to find high quality doctors and treatments at prices you can afford. Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India Consultant offers comprehensive medical health care packages for Ethiopian patients, they can go wherever they want o go in India for their hip surgery and still find the best-accredited medical center, outstanding healthcare staff and highest quality standards of medical care with our help! Ethiopian residents are free to choose among the best! Now you have access to a huge variety of healthcare solutions specially designed for YOU!

 At Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India Consultant offers customised treatment packages and medical opinion offered prior to travel. Our team helps in arranging visa, on arrival patient/ family will be received at the arrival gate/aero-bridge by our staff with welcome placard in patient’s name.  Personalised patient care executive will be a single point of contact throughout the entire stay in the hospital for all medical & non-medical assistance like registration, admission, discharge formalities, sim card, mobile, hotel/guest house accommodation etc. 

If you would like to know more about hip replacement treatment cost in India, Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India Consultant would be glad to answer any questions you might have and get you started on the path toward healing. Please visit our to discover who we are and how we can help!

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