First impressions are very important and they can determine whether you succeed or you fail on many parts of your life. A CV is the first impression that you make to the employer as a job seeker; therefore, you need to ensure that you have a great and lasting first impression if you really want that job.

The quality of the curriculum vitae will differ depending on the place and position you are applying for. However, it is advisable that you always do your best when writing any CV since any form of employment is good for you –you otherwise wouldn’t be applying. Whether you are a professional CV writer or you are just doing the CV writing for your own job application, you should make it as professional as you possibly can. A CV is not that complicated to write and it could take you a really short time and make you some good money. You just need to polish your writing keeping in mind that the CV will have about six seconds to impress the human resource manager of the company that the owner will be applying to. Here are some tips that will help ensure that you produce a good quality professional CV:

• CV’s Size 

When a job position is posted whether online or even in the dailies, there are going to be hundreds of candidates even if it is a single position. This means that the human resource manager will be going through all those CVs in a short period of time. To ensure that your CV writing abilities allow you to get that job, you need to work on the length of your CVs. Work on coming up with fully detailed but short CVs if you want to make it to the next round.  To avoid wasting time on all the CVs, most employers only take about six seconds scan them. That is the time it takes to determine whether your CV will make it to the next round and if you happen to have written a CV that is more than one or at most one and a half pages long you are out of luck.

• Important Information First 

The format used for CVs differ on the candidate and the type of job and the position that they are applying for. The best CV writing tip that you can use when looking for the important information is using education or job experience depending on whether you are a student or already working. For students, their education qualification is the most important information they have to show. On the other hand for a person who has been working, your job experience should be given the first priority.

• Relevant Experiences Only 

One problem that most people make when writing a CV to apply for a certain position is giving too much information. If you are planning of doing some CV writing and you happen to have a vast well of experiences, you need to go with the ones that are relevant to the job you are applying for. You should not start talking about your love for movies in your hobbies section or any previous job that is not in line with the one you are applying for. You should however include any previous job that compliments the one you are applying for.

CV writing can be a little bit confusing especially seeing how there are many formats for the different jobs and positions being applied for.  Once you understand the position you are going for, it will be a lot easier to write and effective CV.