First, congratulations! Because if you are reading this, you have already taken the first step to quitting smoking. Many people want to quit smoking, but they find it too hard as they get addicted to nicotine. It is true that giving up is not easy, but with strong determination and the right approach, you can overcome the tobacco cravings.

Here I am sharing with you some simple tips to quit smoking permanently and the ways to deal with the withdrawal symptoms:

Quit Slowly:
Some people decide to quit smoking overnight, but there are many who feel giving up tobacco is an impossible task. Therefore, I suggest you not to stop smoking all at once. Take your time as it may help you realize that you are not weak. The best way is to reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke each day. The day when you cut down half of the total cigarettes you used to smoke, it will be a half winner. Concentrate on that achievement and celebrate that success. In case the tobacco cravings hit you, use Nicotine replacement therapy products such as gum or Invisipatch or a prescription medication such as Champix to control the dose of nicotine while removing the health consequences of cigarettes.

Keep Yourself Busy:
Many people stop smoking when they have work to keep them busy. Staying active and occupied in other works distract you from the cigarette cravings. You might know that a craving lasts only for 2 minutes and if you can distract yourself for that long, you will surely get success in your fight to quit smoking.

How to Handle Withdrawal Symptoms:

When you quit smoking, you may feel some withdrawal symptoms such as a dry mouth, lack of energy, headache, pain in the stomach or a craving to eat. But, you should not worry as these signs will pass in a short while.  Here are a few ways to handle your cravings:

Consume Multivitamins:
To ease the withdrawal symptoms, you should have some multivitamins that will repair your body and give you the energy to expel toxins.

Drink Plenty of Water:
Nicotine in a cigarette is extremely addictive and toxifies your entire system. It is very difficult to get rid of it as it permeates your body as a poison. Therefore, you should drink plenty of water as it is a natural detoxifier. It also assists in combating many of the damaging effects of nicotine and tobacco. If you don’t feel like drinking water, have grape juice as it is also a great detoxifier that will cleanse out the toxins faster.

Don’t Think About Slip-Ups:
While combating nicotine addiction, you may unexpectedly have a temptation that is so strong you feel like to give in.  If you slip up, don’t feel that you are unsuccessful. It is time to get back on track by considering it as your first mistake. Think that having one cigarette won’t make you a smoker again. Remind yourself the reasons (note down all the reasons in a diary and read them when any craving hits) for quitting smoking. Think about your family and friends who were supportive of your decision to stop smoking.

It is very important to give yourself a reward for staying smoke-free for a week or month. As you start your new tobacco-free life, celebrate it and pat yourself on the back for your efforts to reach this point.  You can reward yourself with a movie, some new outfits or a meal in a restaurant.