For your family, you need to find a cool place in this hot summer; if your home has the elderly and children, it will be the summer trip Sensor on the agenda, after all, soon into the volts, the city's oppressed and restless is a bit Hard to endure.

Since the summer trip belongs to you and your family, of course, you can not only drive yourself to the fun - only enough spacious and comfortable to really let the family feel the journey of a cool and comfortable, and the best solution of course Is to choose a sufficient grade of MPV! As a new generation Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor of senior MPV representatives, Ai Shen gentry compared to other brands is clearly more attractive, the first is not a little old-fashioned traditional design, the second temperament more in line with the family car life fashion, of course, more It is important to imagine the large space and comfort.

First of all, thanks to the long wheelbase of 2900mm, so that designers can more ease for you and your family to create another 'home', three rows of seats are more comfortable design, can meet a multi-mouth travel demand. And the force gentry also uses a very unique slide design, making the second row of seats can not only achieve up to 740mm long sliding distance, but also to achieve any left and right translation. The third row is not only ample space, but also through the combination of hidden, to achieve greater capacity carrying capacity. Ai Li Shen also intimate use of ultra-low center of gravity platform, which is more conducive to the elderly and children on and off, from the security point of view to increase Temperature Sensor the bilateral electric sliding door (with anti-folder hand automatically induction), the same bright spot; As for the three areas of automatic air conditioning, rear exhaust, cup holder, power interface, handrail small table board, central coffee table, touch screen control panel and other user-friendly configuration is fully taken into account the needs of every passenger, so that we feel At ease; leisurely.

  The whole system comes standard with electric double skylight, to ensure a good line of sight and breathability, if in the mountains, you can open the skylight, so that the flow of humid air flow, and soon you can feel the summer rare fresh and pleasant. Driving, security is always to be on the first, and with the family, but also be careful. Ai Li Shen has a rare high-tech security configuration at the same level, enough to let you and your family together to enjoy the tour.

  The technology includes not only the integration of millimeter-wave radar and monocular camera sensing capabilities, but also includes the active cruise control system, collision mitigation brake system, lane maintenance assistance system, lane offset suppression system, automatic parking Auxiliary system, rear view dynamic reminder system, 360 degree panoramic image system, blind area monitoring system and many other new features, so that the vehicle to maintain the best speed, distance and driving routes, etc., to maximize Speed Sensor the accident to avoid accidents, but also to enhance the safety factor To a new level. The Honda's latest 'Earth Dream' engine and a new generation of CVT transmissions, combined with the engine's automatic start-up and ECON intelligent green energy-saving auxiliary system, not only ensure the power and economy is also very good, so suitable Home,