BMW Group to the world presents the upcoming electric travel era. BMW i Vision Dynamics concept car world starting: This is a four-door coupe, electric mileage up to 600 km, the maximum speed Sensor of more than 200 km / h, 0-100 km / h acceleration only 4 seconds. BMW i Vision Dynamics concept car for us to show the dynamic and elegant new state of electric travel.

   For BMW Group, the future of electric travel has come. At present, the electric vehicle array on the road is the richest, no one competitive brand can be comparable. As an important part of promoting the new 'first strategy', continue to expand the electric travel. To 2025, will provide customers with 25 models of electric vehicles, of which 12 by pure electric drive. The BMW i Vision Dynamics concept, located between  Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor the BMW i3 and the BMW i8, is a dynamic and enterprising four-door coupe. Is continuing to promote the BMW brand of electric, leading BMW i into a new stage of development.

   BMW i represents the concept of a vehicle that is full of vision for the future and continues to redefine high-end travel with sustainability. BMW Group is responsible for the development of the director Mr. Fu Lexi said BMW i is the BMW Group's pioneer in innovation. Here, the vision of the solution and the model of the future is a reality. At the same time, BMW i is also driving BMW Group's other brands of innovative power. The BMW i Vision Dynamics concept car shows us the possible design of an electric BMW model. Throughout the company a hundred years of history, BMW has been constantly put into practice. BMW i models inspiration design not only from the visual highlights the brand's pioneering image, but also let people effectively experience its future sense. With BMW i3 and BMW i8, we designed a revolutionary city model and a revolutionary sports car. Today, BMW i Vision Dynamics concept car and the concept of electric travel and BMW dynamic, elegant brand essence combined. This concept car shows BMW i's product array and design language how to evolve, derived from the new model concept.

   The appearance of the BMW i Vision Dynamics concept car inherits and further develops BMW's classic body proportions. Long wheelbase, streamlined roof lines and short front suspension out of the dynamic, elegant basic shape. Concept car surface stretch smooth, showing a seamless effect. The aerodynamic design reinforces the sharp appearance of the vehicle in detail. Body surface almost can not see the joints, all the glass is also the same way to smooth the body with the body for the appearance of the vehicle to give a sense of modernity and technology. Large area Temperature Sensor of ​​stretch surface and exquisite details of dealing with low-key but intuitive to highlight the concept car innovation and technology of the kernel. This is also a good reflection of the BMW i style: 'to Jane Yu Fan.'

   In the BMW i Vision Dynamics concept car smooth, simple flank, the biggest bright spot is undoubtedly a very characteristic window design. BMW i's window design style has been impressive since its birth, this time it is refreshing, not only more practical, but also to the side of the vehicle is even more sharp. The symmetrical design gives all passengers a good view. The concept car design also emphasizes the passenger experience and shared space within the car, which is becoming more and more important as the development of (semi) autopilot and car networking. The glass material extends from the front windshield to the roof and then to the rear windshield, bringing a different driving experience. This further enhances the internal sense of space, so that the car spacious and free feel and dynamic appearance in stark contrast. The cozy roof design is connected to the front and rear designs of the vehicle, making the look seemingly closed and modern.

   In the minimalist front face design, the striking closed 'double kidney grille' connects BMW's history with the future. In the past, BMW's dual kidney grille represents the expertise of the BMW drive system, and BMW i Vision Dynamics has extended it to a symbol of high-end technology. Under the surface of the many sensors to kidney structure into a 'smart surface.' The headlamps also combine tradition with the future - reinterpreting classic BMW double round lights in a modern, minimalist way. Two independent LED lighting components on both sides of the front fused all the lighting functions, while creating a typical BMW design feel. Looking from the rear, smooth lines stretched the level of vision of the vehicle, so that the Speed Sensor vehicle looks more elegant, more power. The cockpit raised backwards gave the vehicle a generous shoulder, and the whole body was more muscular. The most striking design feature of the rear is the L-shaped taillights. Its slim form fit the concept car dynamic and efficient driving experience, and further strengthen the vehicle wide posture.

    BMW i Vision Dynamics concept car every angle is distributed a modern, enterprising, moving high-tech beauty. As a pioneer of the BMW brand, this model clearly shows the BMW Group for the future is full of emotional appeal of the electric travel of a better vision. The future, BMW will continue to focus on the development of sports, elegant new products.