Do you love nature? Do you want to incorporate more of nature into your house? These ideas will get you started.


Walk around and collect pretty pebbles, rocks and stones. If you have time, collect these from different places that are important to you. You can add them to bowls or decorate around a vase with them. You can also create a little area within the home to store them. Stones represent both stability and grounding.


Potted plants are surprisingly low maintenance, but they bring a lot to the home. Not only do they help with the air that we breathe, they also bring a very pleasant energy to any space they are in.



Sunlight can brighten up any room that you are in, instantly transforming your mood. Make sure you keep the shades open in order to allow sunlight into your space.

Views Of Nature

Do you live in a picturesque area? When you glance outside, do you see elements of nature all around you? It may be worth the expense to add a window to a wall where there is a particularly nice view. For example, if you have a study that is closed in, adding a window allows you to take in nature while you work.

Animal Mementos

As you walk around, make sure you pay attention to what is on the ground. You may see little gifts that the animals have left behind, like a feather, a tuft of fur or even an antler. You can collect these mementos if you wish.

Elements Of The Season

Depending on what season you are in, you can collect items from outside to help liven up your space and reflect the time of year. For example, in the fall, you can pick up the leaves that have fallen from the trees and use them as a decoration. In the winter, think about bringing in pine cones. Consider what each season means to you, and choose an element of the season that reflects that.


Small water fountains are easy to set up and they add a soothing element of nature to any space. In fact, the sound of water can be a great stress reliever, so consider adding a fountain to a room where there is a lot of activity. So, why not bring nature indoors with a fountain.


Gardens aren't just for the outdoors! You can create a tabletop garden by adding soil to a container. Plant items that reflect the season or just add in elements that you think are pretty. For example, your winter garden could contain evergreen twigs and quartz crystals.


Flowers make you feel good. They are visually stunning, often smell nice and help you connect to the outside world. And, when they start to droop, you can add them to your compost so that there is no waste involved. Organic flowers are preferable for many, because they are not grown with pesticides.


Food is not only good to eat, but it can also serve as a visually stunning decoration. For example, add a few "jack be little" pumpkins to your table in the fall, and you have a beautiful, natural decoration that reflects the season. Make sure, however, that you do not choose food items that go bad quickly.

Bird Feeders

It is so nice to look outside and see animals enjoying all that nature has to offer. You cannot welcome birds into your home, but you can welcome them into your yard. Add a bird feeder in a location that can be seen from one of your windows. You will enjoy watching them flying around and frolic with one another.

Fresh Air

Keep your windows open whenever you can. Fresh air is invigorating!