The sole reason for this is that many UK employers have started to opt for individuals that have done MBA and are capable enough to carry out any responsibility that is given to them during their work life. It has been noted that the latest trend show a 60% increase in schools that offer MBA programs. This trend has been noted by the Graduate Management Admission Council that keeps an eye on the data of business schools.

The main aspect that business schools have started to see a rise in their candidates is because employers have changed their criteria of hiring employees which has forced many students to opt for MBA program. There was a period when individuals were satisfied with getting a bachelor’s degree and were sure to get a job with that qualification. However, the latest change in the employers’ attitude has forced many graduates to opt for Master’s Degree if they plan to secure a good job with high pay.

If the stance of employers was not enough, graduates have to deal with the issue of MBA program’s requirements as well. Many business schools that offer MBA program have set strict requirements based on which they will be hiring individuals in the MBA program. This has led to a decrease of applicants in many business schools because of their strict requirements. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management has implemented three rounds of interviews based on which if the student passes, then only will he be enrolled or else he won’t be accepted in the business school. This led to an 8.1% fall at the applicants’ acceptance at the school. It is important that business-schools set the type of criteria for their applicants’ which is suitable for the students to apply in the business-schools.

Initially, only male applicants would be seen applying in MBA programs; however, the trend seems to have changed as females too have started applying for MBA programs. Many of the female applicants are of the view that in order to attain a high-pay post at a well-known firm, MBA degree is an important part that plays a significant role in deciding if the individual will get the job or not. Several top business schools around UK have reported around 40% increase with female students applying for the program. This reveals that equality is taking place in this aspect with both, male and female applicants applying for the program and excelling at it.

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