While the term wicker and rattan are frequently used interchangeably, the two words refer to different things. Wicker refers to the weave design of the furniture while rattan is the material used to create the furniture. Rattan is a form of vine commonly used to make furniture, among other things. It is preferred in making most outdoor furniture because it is flexible and strong. This versatile material has gained popularity around the world due to its great features. It is particularly lightweight, durable and environmentally friendly.

Natural Furniture from Rattan Material
This type of furniture is made from a natural tropical vine known as rattan and woven over a frame made of hardwood. It is woven while still wet and as it dries out, it retains the shape permanently. This is usually done by expert craftsmen, normally close to the rattan source. The completed products are then transported to the end-users. Natural rattan and wicker furniture, however, are not entirely weatherproof. The natural elements outside can take a toll on them, making them fade and mould especially underneath. They are, however, perfect for the indoors, and last longer outdoors if they get proper care. Waxing and covering them after use will retain their quality for long. Their natural texture and color make them fit in well in the garden.

Synthetic Rattan Furniture
This type of furniture is a product of artificial rattan made from polythene, resin, polypropylene, and recycled plastic. The furniture looks very real and similar to natural rattan. Availability of cheap rattan garden furniture made of this material is common. Due to availability of the materials all over the world, the cost of production is low. If one opts for the rattan effect furniture offers, this is a good option since they are natural looking, clean, and come in various designs. The poly rattan is woven onto an aluminum frame. 

This makes them light and can withstand the harsh outdoors all year round. They require little or no maintenance, are frost resistant and cannot attract mould. Keep an eye out for the next rattan garden furniture sale to get the most cost-effective solution for the garden furniture.

Rattan can be used in making almost any piece of furniture. It can be used for seats, sofas, armchairs, dining chair backs and tables. Due to its comfort and durability, it is well suited for both indoor and outdoor furniture. Additionally, furniture made out of rattan is available in both natural and synthetic material.

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