Tight trousers, skinny jeans, leather belts, high heels all of these reminds you a trendy fashion line. Especially we wear them every day for our work. We are so used to clothing line. But when you expect a child in your life, to give a new birth to the world sooner, the above dress line will no longer be in your dress code.

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But why?

Pregnancy is a period where your body is starting to make the space for another life within your limited womb. Inside this body, amazing things will start to happen at a rapid speed during that time. But from outside we won’t notice much and all we can see is a slowly growing tummy and that is it. But during pregnancy mothers do have to face lots of challenges, just like morning sickness and nausea. These times are the hardest ones in your whole life. Losing your appetite and severe restless feeling, simply make your life a little battle field for your survival. That all happens due to hormone imbalances that take place within your body. Your body is still figuring out things which need for your body. The focus and attention of your body will be your little one and not you.

During such a challenging time, as mothers you have to make sure you try to make yourself comfortable as much as you can. Clothing is one of the best ways to do that. You simply cannot avoid nausea and morning sickness at any time until your body starts to overcome from it on its own. But still you can get a little break from things around you.

Maternity clothes will help you to make your uncomfortable self-little bit better. Wearing too tight is not advisable at all during this time. You have to make yourself feel all relax as you are body is at a huge and a comprehensive process. When skin tight jeans are worn that won’t make you feel any better. Therefore, if you are preparing yourself to welcome little baby blooms in your life, you should look at your wardrobe strictly.

This does not mean the clothes which you wore earlier cannot be taken again. Certain blouses and tops, baggy t shirts and cotton clothing which you normally wear, you can dress yourself up with them too. The basic motive of changing your clothing taste during this time is to make yourself feel better as you are under a stressful condition already.


Losing the food appetite is the biggest challenge during this time, which will make you all miserable. On top of it, if you don’t feel comfortable with your outfit, this pain becomes even more severe. That is why you have to choose your attire carefully. Over fashion always go for comfort. It is okay to wear nice and fancy stuff during your pregnancy but make yourself comfortable with your choice. Even if you are wearing shoes, choose the best to keep you safe and comfortable. That is what you need the most.