Error: -6073, -99001 QuickBooks is unable to open this company file

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This error is usually caused by:

  • The file is open on another computer in Single User mode.

  • The file is located in a read-only network folder

  • The files are hosted on a Linux server and are using more than one set of login credentials to sign on to the shared folder.

  • The file is being accessed using a remote software (LogMeIn, GoToMyPc, etc.) and the host computer still sees thought that user is already logged on.


For More About This QuickBooks Enterprise Error code 6073-99001



Solution1: Use the QuickBooks File Doctor

Download and run the QuickBooks File Doctor. See: QuickBooks File Doctor: Fix your company file or network (US, CA, and UK).

Solution 2: Manually resolve the error -6073, -99001

If you have trouble in QB Call us for QuickBooks Error Support to resolve your issues.

If the company file is open in Single User mode in another workstation

  1. Close QuickBooks Desktop in all computers.

  2. Open the company file on the Host computer.

  3. Switch to Multi User Mode.

  4. Quick tip: From the File menu, select Switch to Multi-user mode.

  5. If are getting the same issue, reboot all workstations.

If the company file is open in Single User mode on the Host computer.

  1. From the File menu, select Close company.

  2. Re-open the company file.

  3. Quick tip:From the File menu, select Open or Restore Company.

  4. Select Open a company file and click Next.

  5. Select your company file.

  6. Select Open file in multi-user mode and click Open.

if your company file is located in a read-only network folder

  1. Go to the computer that is hosting your company file.

  2. Browse the location of the folder where your company file is saved.

  3. Right-click the folder and select Properties.

  4. Click the Security tab.

  5. Select the user that is having issues to log in and click Edit.

  6. Check the box for Allow for Full control.

  7. Click Apply and OK.

If the computer is being accessed remotely via LogMeIn, GoToMyPC, etc.

  1. Right-click the taskbar and select Task Manager.

  2. Click the Processes tab.

  3. Check if there are running processes under the name of the user that you are having issues with.

  4. If there are process under that user, Restart the computer.


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