Trying to apply your makeup correctly without brushes is like trying to eat spaghetti with a knife: you may be able to do it, but it will be unnecessarily difficult and messy. To get the best, most polished look, there are a handful of makeup brushes you need in your kit and at your disposal.


Of course, considering there are dozens of types of makeup brushes, choosing the ones you actually need can be a bit of an ordeal. Lucky for you, you don’t have to choose. Here are the essential makeup brushes you need to perfect your look.


1) Foundation Brush - ‘The Buffer’ from tarte.


This circular, domed brush is ideal for applying powder foundation since it doesn't deposit makeup in a glob, but distributes it in a more uniform application. Made by New York based tarte cosmetics, this foundation brush is super soft and durable, but is also made from bamboo that's been sustainably gathered.



2) Blush Brush - Diffusing Brush from Urban Decay.


Your blush brush is a staple of your makeup kit. You want something that will give your cheeks a little colour, without making you look like a clown. California’s Urban Decay's Diffusing Brush does the trick, helping to evenly apply blush over the bridge of your cheekbones with adept proficiency.


3) Eyeliner Brush - Tightline Liner Brush from Sigma


This Australia based cosmetic company has some of the best products in the the world. Sigma brushes all work wonders, but if there is one brush to pick for eyeliner, it’s their Tightline Liner brush. This handy little tool makes creating strong and subtle lines easy. It’s ideal for applying powder, liquid or gel liner to the base of your upper or lower lashes, meaning it’s got the versatility a liner brush needs.


4) Eyeshadow Brush - e.l.f cosmetics


This sheared brush will take up just the right amount of shadow, providing the perfect application. Designed for ergonomic precision, e.l.f’s brush will glide around the contours of your eye to create a flawless finish. Their basic model eyeshadow brush is a classic, and a must-have in your makeup kit.


5) Lip Brush - Retractable Lip Brush from Aveda Canada


What's not to love about a company with values and an unwavering dedication to great products? Aveda's environmentally friendly retractable lip brush is made from 30% recycled products and features non-animal sourced bristle. It guarantees both precision and peace of mind.

Of course, the best brushes in the world won’t help you if you have shoddy technique, so in addition to buying solid brushes, you should make sure your makeup application skills are up to snuff. Don’t worry - it just takes a little practice, and the right tools (and you’re already on the right track to snag those!).