In this on-going battle to get higher rankings in the search engines, Search Engine Optimization has become an essential part of the marketing strategy of businesses. It is very difficult to boost sales when a website not found by the search engines, especially in the case of eCommerce business. SEO for such sites is much more complicated than the other business websites. From creating an easy navigational structure to internal linking thousand of pages, there are a lot more challenges.This is why SEO Experts around the world use effective strategies that are essential for eCommerce sites to achieve their SEO goals. Some of the Strategies are:

1. Create Unique Descriptions

It is very important to create unique product descriptions because unique content can drastically increase the rankings. So, it is recommended to create unique content or descriptions for each and every product. Content influences the customer’s purchasing decisions so make sure you write quality content.

2. Allow Customer Reviews

Customer reviews have a great impact on the customer’s buying behavior. A survey reveals that almost 60% of the customers make purchasing decisions after reading reviews and 63% prefer to buy online from those sites who have consumer reviews. This strategy is proven to generate more sales and keeps the product page updated and ‘living’.

3. Establish Easy Site Navigation

Easy site navigation is essential for eCommerce sites in order to get top rankings in SERPs and improve the user experience. The structure of such sites must be easy to navigate for both search engine and users make it easy to find the products and consequently boost sales and improve online shopping experience.

4. Make Site Mobile Friendly

The trend has been changed from the past few years and the ratio of mobile based searches increasing day by day. In this way, it is necessary for eCommerce businesses to optimize their online stores for mobile. Consider making a responsive mobile design or an interactive app to provide an ultimate user experience.

5. Add Image Or Video For Each Product

Visual content plays a great role in eCommerce business. Users want complete information about the products and it starts with the quality image or video. This is why SEO Company and experts focus on adding high quality images or video for each product and also tag them with relevant meta tag. It increases the chances of every product to show in the search for relevant image based search.

6. Improve Page Loading Speed

Although it’s important to post unique descriptions and high resolution images but make sure that the image is not oversize. The large images slow down the page loading time, which has a negative impact on both the user and search engine. So, the best strategy is to adjust the size of all images and try to build a “zoom in” feature for a larger vision.

7. Integrate With Social Media Accounts

It is the most effective strategy to reach a large audience and boost sales. Now people are more social and love to shop online from the brands available on different social channels. Consider integrating sharing plugins on the store’s product pages so users can easily share their favorite products or information regarding products to their friends.