As the moment to welcome your baby gets closer, you’ll also become more excited and experience the most pleasurable anticipation ever. But, there’s no way to avoid being a little bit nervous about it, too. Therefore, it would be best to pack your hospital essentials well before the due date, in a separate bag, so that you can grab it instantly, worry-free, the second the time comes. Of course, your essentials can be very personal to you, but there are some necessities that are an absolute must and make the basis for hospital packing.

Get your clothes ready

Obviously, you’ll have to prepare and pack your clothes for the hospital. Focus your attention on comfortable sleepwear and robes, because you’ll be spending all of your time in hospital wearing those. Also, stock up on undies and extra absorbent pads. You’ll also need to bring clothes that you’ll wear when leaving hospital. Make sure that you choose garments that fit you perfectly around your sixth month of pregnancy. Moreover, a nursing bra can be really helpful as well. If you’re going to give birth during colder months, remember to pack some warm socks and bring adequate footwear.

Pack the toiletries


Treat your stay at the hospital like any other time you were away from home. In that respect, you need to bring your skincare essentials with you, especially because giving birth can dry out your skin a lot. You can always minimize your beauty regimen for this particular occasion, but don’t neglect it. Pack mini size products or place them in travel containers. Also, don’t forget other hygiene essentials, such as toothbrush, hair brush, deodorant, etc. If you plan to have your pictures taken, you can also pack some makeup bits and pieces.

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Fun pastimes

When you go to hospital to give birth, you won’t be able to spend all your time there with your child. In order to avoid getting bored in the hospital bed, remember to pack an interesting book or a magazine. Also, make sure that your phone and/or tablet charger is always in your hand bag, so that you can enjoy some tech fun as well. Not to mention that you’ll need your phone to spread the good news and talk to your friends and family members.

Snacks and water

These should be repacked and changed on regular basis. But having some tasty snacks and plenty of water is essential for your complete comfort during the hospital stay. Check with your doctor beforehand what snacks are allowed for a breastfeeding mother. There will be occasions when you’ll be feeling unexpectedly hungry or thirsty. But, with snacks and water right next to you, you won’t have to get up and move too much after the delivery.

Baby stuff

This is one of the most important things that you’ll have to pack. You’ll need baby clothes for when you’re leaving the hospital. Also, most hospitals won’t let you leave without appropriate car seat for the baby. You don’t need to pack this but keep it in mind. What’s more, hospitals provide you with the certain amount of diapers, but it would be best to pack your own, just in case. Most importantly, don’t forget to pack comfy newborn wraps that are essential for keeping the baby safe, warm and happy. These wraps will also help you worry less about your baby moving around and sleeping in unfavorable positions.

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Make sure to keep your hospital bag somewhere visible in case you need someone else to bring it to you. Also, keep it easily reachable so that you yourself can get it when the time comes. The bag shouldn’t be too big or small, and it’s necessary that it’s of really good quality, in order to avoid any mishaps.