When I moved to this home, I set a rule that no pressed board furniture would be allowed inside. I am trying but I have to admit that some has gotten past me.

I practice something called Wabisabi living which simply means you appreciate the well used patina on furniture and the scratches on a picture frame or the ability of a 1930's flour sifter to do the job just fine with out a motor.

I am getting ready to sell my mother's home and among the odds and ends I found lots of lists with addresses on them. They look like lists for the garage sales on a given weekend. It would seem that I come by this love of second hand stuff naturally.

How do you feel about used vs new?

Do you think new is better?

How do you prefer to buy household items?

Do you go to auctions or second hand stores?

Do you wander around second hand stores looking for additions to collections?