Estonian capital Tallinn trial for a month of unmanned bus projects, passengers have the opportunity Sensor to board high-tech and green energy in a small electric van, free experience of the new way of public transport.

  In the center of the city near the two unlicensed small bus body around the white body, with red and green stripes, fresh and lovely image. Body before and after the car inside the two have a row of sofa seats, for 8 people ride. Each car has a white pants dressed in white pants, wearing a printed company name and personal name of the badge. Tallinn's unmanned bus runs from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm on Mondays to Saturdays, and runs along the tramway from Marest Street Station to Tallinn's Creative Cultural Center Station, about 1 km, one-way minute. Unmanned Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor bus maximum design speed of up to 50 to 60 kilometers per hour, but in the actual driving the maximum speed of not more than 20 kilometers per hour.

  The 10-year-old boy from England said it was his first ride on an unmanned bus and was fresh. There is no unmanned bus on the English street. According to the local traffic law, unmanned buses must be equipped with a flight attendant to maneuver the vehicle in case of emergency. The unmanned bus is an electric car, always driving one after the other, the speed is controlled by the sensor, in the pedestrian or vehicle sudden emergency situations need to manually control the vehicle. The two cars are leased from France and Finland, one-third of the cost of public funds, several companies Temperature Sensor jointly bear two-thirds of the cost. At the end of the camp, two cars will be returned to France and Finland.

   Tallinn unmanned bus test project cost a total of 100,000 euros. Vehicles on the 29th of July for the first time before the road has been a long time trial, and the guidance of the French experts. Up to now, the vehicle did not run a big trouble. Estonia has been the first EU presidency since July for a period of six months. Tallinn has introduced an unmanned bus during this period Speed Sensor to highlight the impact of technological development on human society and to show Estonia as an image of an innovative country.