With the flow of years, the progress of the times, the car has quietly into the homes of ordinary people. The car is no longer just a means of transport, it is more like our friends, even into our family, became an important member Sensor of the family. We care about their car care, and even reached the 'love' level, of course, can not ignore the details of their car. Immediately you really 'love' it and can not love too much. For example, you in order to better protect the engine, the oil plus over, these are wrong!

  Crankcase oil can not be added, can not be less, too much oil will increase the crank rod mechanism of rotation resistance, but also to splash into the cylinder wall of oil increased. Excessive oil will cause the combustion chamber to increase carbon, the engine power is reduced, which will affect the emissions. Owners in the inspection or add oil, should be added in accordance with the fuel metering valve scale above the oil scale, the maximum oil level can not exceed the upper scale scale, the minimum can not be lower than the scale scale off the assembly line, the oil level is usually added to the middle of the two scales on the location More appropriate.

  Some owners like to put the tire pressure is very high, that this can both overload and fuel economy, this approach is not correct. Tire pressure is too high will reduce the tread surface, tread wear and tear, reducing the brake when the braking effect, which will affect the traffic safety. Tire pressure is too low is not good, low pressure will affect the driving safety and braking effects, but also to accelerate the wear and tear Temperature Sensor of the shoulder, and increase vehicle fuel consumption. Owners in the use of air pump self-inflated, it should be in accordance with the provisions of the pressure of the manufacturers to inflate, tire pressure label is usually located in the body or tank cover above.

  All parts of the car bolts, according to the diameter, pitch and use of different, the tightening torque are corresponding to the provisions of less than the provisions of the torque bolts will be loose, more than tightening torque bolts will be elongated. Before tightening the components, you need to grasp the tightening torque of each bolt, such as wheel bolts, usually the domestic car tire bolts tightening torque between 100-130N · m. Some owners believe that increasing the tightness of the attachment belt can improve the cooling effect of the compressor and the amount of power generated by the generator, so it is possible to improve the tightness of the belt, not knowing that this is wrong. Attachment Speed Sensor belts should be maintained in the appropriate tightness, because the belt too tight will make the bearing load is too large, will shorten the service life of the parts, but also lead to the belt fracture, and ultimately will affect the normal use of the vehicle.