The first word that comes to every employee's mind when they hear executive office chairs is CLASSY. So yes, these chairs are a symbol of class and status in every office. The highest executives like VPs, CEOs, CFOs, are the ones who sit on them and feel like bosses for real.

At VJ interior, we understand that class depicts elegance and sophistication. We take special note of this and make our chairs represent exactly that. We are a leading modular office furniture suppliers and manufacturers catering to the Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon region of India.

Our executive chairs are of three types:

  • High-back
  • Low-back
  • Medium-Back


We have something for every body type. Not just that, our executive office chairs have some key features that make them all the more extraordinary. They come with; synchronized tilt, push back design structure, full back support up to shoulders and seating that produces no pressure on the knees.  You can also adjust seat height, back-rest and seat pan according to your preferences. 

 Don't forget to go through our wide range of executive chairs. Ohh, and we also have them in mesh style. Comfort comes first for us and so does style. We are sure you will be able to find office chairs at best price on our website.