London city is widely famous for its long list of attractions and interesting sights. The overall view of London is so charming that it brings a certain excitement in the hearts of those who visit this heavenly place. London, with its cool and trendy restaurants, amazing art galleries and museums, iconic and historical buildings, green spaces and open parks, is an ultimate destination for adventure seekers and travellers.

Whether you are a business associate in search for your next business venture in London, or a tourists looking forward to exploring the sights and sounds of London, it comes highly recommended that you first settle for a suitable place of accommodation.  Fortunately, finding hotels in London is very easy with new accommodation options sprouting up every month. Some of them are better than the other.

For example, hotels near Hyde Park London, are the healthy and wise options for any tourists who visits the city. These hotels which are situated in the heart of London City excel in providing the best of services to their clients and create a perfect condition for lodging.

One such hotel is the Grand Royal London Hyde Park Hotel. This hotel is pretty much close to some of the most important Tube in London, providing excellent transport links all over the city. Decked with grand and luxurious suites and other qualities such as complimentary Wi-Fi, resting lounge, fitness centres and conference rooms, this hotel has excelled in every field. Not to mention the trendy restaurants and bars which provide the choicest of cuisines and drinks for their guests.

Enjoy The Best Free Music In London City

If you have been to London City then you certainly know about the Trafalgar’s Square situated in the centre of the amazing city. Well did you know that nest to this amazing tourist destination is one of London’s most celebrated highlights. Yes, we are talking about the St. Martin’s Cathedral in the Fields.

This amazing place is a hub for tourists as they come together to witness the amazing charm and beauty of the place in addition to the wonderful music concerts. Yes you heard it right. Music concerts in here are pretty famous among Londoners and tourists alike and why not. Not only are these concert absolutely amazing but also they are free of cost. Now that’s something that everyone likes to hear. Been here since the 1200s this church still offers some afternoon entertainment in the form of free concerts here.

Surely you are all excited by now. Well you should be. Visit this pale on a Monday, Tuesday or Friday after noon and you will get to see the new and upcoming artists bring out their rage in the form of eclectic songs that range for pop to rock. The performers are mostly the students from the Royal Academy of Music who come to perform during their lunch break. This is certainly a change from the atmosphere of hymns that go around in here. Visit the beautiful place and you will surely get to view some fresh talent here in these 45-minute concerts. Don’t forget to donate some money for the maintenance of the place.

Things to See Nearby

· 10 Downing Street: How about a visit to the 10 Downing Street while you are in the area? Sounds good? Well, the pace is known for having some of the greatest names in Politics residing here. Plus there are so many other interesting things to see and do around here. You could go on several different tours that are conducted here. These tours will give you an inside knowledge on the area and you will get to the sight a little better. One of the most popular destinations for tourists and travellers, 10 Downing Street is certainly worth a visit if you are interested in knowing about London’s political stability.

· Leicester Square: If you have been to London and missed the sight of the very famous Leicester Square then your trip here is definitely incomplete. I mean, there isn’t anything that this place doesn’t have. Known as the hub for tourists, this place certainly deserves all the praise that it gets. One visit to Leicester square and you will fall in love with the area. The gardens and the amazing parks of the place are just an added beauty to the charming place. Leicester Square is known as the centre of arts and theatres in London, given the number of amazing theatre houses here. Come and visit to explore more.

· Trafalgar Square: Who hasn’t heard of the famous Trafalgar Square in London? It is clearly one of the most visited palaces in the entire city. If you are in London for the first time and want to experience the best sights and sounds around here, then a visit to Trafalgar Square will certainly do it for you. Known as one of the most amazing destinations chosen by tourists and travellers, this place is certainly one of the reasons why London City is so popular. There is just so much to see and do around here. From tours to the Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey to feeding pigeons in the Square, you can do it all here. The crowd surrounding the place speaks for its publicity.

· Piccadilly Circus: While you are on a visit to St. Martin’s in the Field, A visit to the famous Piccadilly Circus area won’t be such a bad idea. Known to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in London, this place is certainly one of the best areas to be in. there is everything in the streets of London and Piccadilly Circus is no exception. There are a lot of things to see and do around in this area and one you come here, you will know for sure why the area is so famous among tourists and travellers.

The St. Martin’s in the Fields is certainly a great place to be if you are a first time visitor in London. Make sure that you check out all the beautiful places nearby to get the best experience of exploring the city.