Everybody needs some time away from their busy schedules and stressful lives, and one of the best ways to help yourself forget about everyday life chores and bores is through culinary escapism. Occasionally, treat yourself to a special dessert and match it with a good wine for a complete experience. Sometimes it’s easier said than done, since picking the best wine doesn’t necessarily mean picking the right wine to go with the dessert. Here is a list of amazing dessert and wine pairings.

Summertime Happiness – Pinot Grigio & Apple Tart

Pinot Grigio is a light, white wine, a perfect choice for a relaxed picnic. This dry wine with a green apple aroma tingles the palate delicately, and its crisp finish perfectly matches a simple yet classy apple tart. The sweetness of this old-school desert accentuates additional mineral flavors of Pinot Grigio, making it an easy-drinking favorite that many people select as refreshment on a warm summer night.

A Touch of Class – Pinot Noir & Crème Brûlée

For those who are more into luxurious bouquets reminiscing of cedar and mushrooms, Pinot Noir is the recommended choice. Its spicy and musky aromas, together with their smooth texture simply call for an elegant and creamy treat such as crème brûlée. The richness of this sophisticated dessert splendidly complements hints of dark fruits and violets in Pinot Noir. Just make sure you opt for quality preservative free wine in order to enhance the experience.

Jazz up Your Life – Sauvignon Blanc & Key Lime Pie

Sauvignon Blanc belongs to the category of dry, white wines that surprises the palate with subtle grapefruit zing followed by always joyful tropical fruits flavor. There’s nothing better than key lime pie to pair with this exciting white wine. Tangy limes and sweet, mellow cream create a perfect blend, while the freshness of the wine gives the whiff of an exotic holiday. One could almost hear waves breaking on the shore and the breeze rustling through palm leaves.  

Cozy up – Chardonnay & Cheesecake

How to light up a long and tiring day? Many people agree that sipping on a glass of Chardonnay is the first step. This full-bodied wine with echoes of peach, melon and almond gently caresses taste buds. The texture, which is creamy due to the oak-aging process, nicely agrees with a slice of smooth and indulgent cheesecake. Nothing says “Everything is going to be fine” better than this traditional, heartwarming dessert teamed up with decadent Chardonnay. No wonder Chardonnay is the most widely grown white wine grape in the world.

Everything’s Coming up Roses – Brut Rosé & Strawberry and Rhubarb Crumble

Connoisseurs say that a sparkling rosé can be matched with a stunning array of various foods. Desserts are no exception, so joyful, fruity Brut Rosé with a medium body, and a vegetal finish composed of rose petals and wild flowers nuances, goes wonderfully with rhubarb and strawberry crumble. This lovely pair peps up any occasion and makes a marvelous brunch option. A discrete flavor of rhubarb and strawberry underlines the freshness and energy of this effervescent wine.

Choosing Your Wine


Matching food and wine can be a challenging task.  Galileo Galilei described wine as “sunlight, held together by water”, as it can add a new dimension to any meal. If you aren’t sure how to pick your wine and pair it with dessert, maybe the best suggestion is to take advantage of a multi-course degustation menuthat offers the possibility of sampling selected wines and savoring various gourmet foods. Pamper yourself with some culinary extravaganza and let your taste buds enjoy.