On our old buddy, Eons, we used to be able to stick a post to the top of the discussions so that it would always be at the top.  We don't have that option yet here... maybe it's coming, maybe not...  but in the meantime, for those of you who were/are regular contributors and coffee slurping members of the F-Word thread, or who are new contributors to the new F-Word thread, here's how to get to the post without too much trouble.

In the No Holds Barred Group, scroll to the bottom of the visible discussions, just above the box that shows the members.  You'll see a link that says "VIEW ALL DISCUSSIONS FOR THIS GROUP".  Click that and the F-Word will appear in the list, at the bottom.  Once you have commented on the discussion, you can click on MY BOOMEON at the top of any page.  That'll give you the opportunity to see all discussions in which you've taken part.

Once you get to the post you have to navigate to the bottom of the comments!  LOL, click the little arrow See latest comments ⇓underneath the beginning dicussion post to see all posts, then you can scroll to the bottom.

Given all the hassle you must go through...  I can fucking see why you might not be posting...