Time is the only thing in life that is limited. There is a beginning, and certainly there is an inevitable end. Most men are afraid of ageing, and try to slow down the process. There are many ways in which you can feel and even look younger. To find the real truth behind ageing, here are a few facts you should be aware of.

Women do live longer

According to the statistics, women have a longer life span. The results are the same all over the world and the only thing making a difference is the life gap. In the United States, the average difference between a man and a woman is 5 years. If we look it through the eyes of the history, we can see that in the past, women used to live almost 10 years more than men. There are many things behind these facts, some of which are related to lifestyle, immune system and certain diseases and heart conditions. But overall, women do live longer than men.

Men do all the hard work

There has been an endless debate in which no gender was crowned a winner. The stories about who works harder have been around for centuries and will continue to exist. But one thing we can all agree on: men tend to do all the hard work. From lifting heavy materials, climbing on tall places in order to fix something, and even going to war, men have always exposed themselves to potential life threatening dangers. It is yet another reason why their life expectancy doesn’t surpass those of women. Another thing is the high-risk behavior, such as alcohol abuse, reckless driving, smoking, fighting and so on. In addition to that, it has been scientifically proven that women have a stronger immune system, and all these factors combined indicate that men will live a shorter life.

How to face ageing

The biggest mistake people make in terms of how they face ageing is doing nothing about it. There are so many options and ways in which men can slow down ageing. For instance, having a healthy and strong body is one way of preserving that youth and agility. By exercising and living a healthy life, men can stay strong and fit, have minimum body fat and reduce the risks of having a heart attack. Believe it or not, but heart attacks are responsible for killing 2/3 of all the male population. Some man turn towards supplements, which help them stay fit longer or achieve that state more rapidly. To learn more about their usage and types, go to your local gym or check one of the bodybuilding websites.

Testosterone levels will drop

Getting older also means losing the current level of testosterone and by losing testosterone, your body mass will shrink and your muscle complexity with it. Once you start seeing the change, the first thing you should do is measure your testosterone level. After that, a proper treatment should be taken, whether with vitamins or supplements. Keep in mind that any replacement will feel unnatural and will take weeks, even months for it to take effect. This is a strong psychological shock for most men, so when it happens, try not to panic and look for medical help instead.


As you grow older, you need to stay motivated and keep feeling comfortable in your own skin. Don’t give up at the first sight of ageing; instead, keep exercising and living healthy and slow down your ageing process. Since you don’t know when your clock will stop, might as well make the most of it.