In the domestic car driving for some time after the emergence of ternary failure, exhaust exceeded, poor exhaust, back pressure to improve, power down, fuel consumption and a series of problems, and even ternary blockage, vehicle spontaneous serious problems. The main reason for foreign ternary failure is the high temperature deactivation caused Sensor by expressway driving. In China, it is mainly due to the chemical poisoning caused by sulfur, phosphorus and carbon monoxide chemical complexes.

  Due to living and working environment restrictions, most of China's private car is driving in the city, urban road congestion is a common phenomenon. Road congestion open stop will make the fuel is not completely burned and produce a lot of carbon monoxide, it is easy to adsorb the active surface of the ternary catalyst caused by ternary poisoning failure, so the car Suction Control Valve in the long-term low speed, acceleration, slow down the situation is also caused by ternary The main reason for failure.

  Due to poor fuel quality, high sulfur content and urban road congestion, which will cause the vehicle ternary purifier life is short, easy poisoning failure. Fortunately, this poisoning failure is reversible, sulfur, phosphorus, carbon monoxide chemical complex in a certain high temperature oxidation environment can be removed, the three-way catalyst can be restored to active. Ternary cleaning and maintenance products and technology is based on this development, the principle is: ternary cleaning agent through the intake vacuum tube into the engine combustion chamber combustion, resulting in a large number of reactive oxygen ions in the ternary catalytic converter to establish a high temperature Strong oxidizing environment. Through the chemical reaction Temperature Sensor will be three yuan catalyst surface sulfur, phosphorus, carbon monoxide chemical complex, carbonaceous sediments into sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide gas emissions, so as to achieve cleaning ternary, to restore the purpose of ternary activity.

  As the ternary cleaning agent is a strong polar solvent, for the nozzle, the intake valve carbon deposition has a strong dissolution cleaning effect, while cleaning the ternary, but also to a certain extent, cleaning the nozzle and intake System, so cleaning ternary conservation is a full range of fuel system cleaning and maintenance. Compared with other cleaning and maintenance methods, the vehicle to reduce emissions, enhance power, reduce fuel consumption effect is obvious.

  Although China's vehicle in the three-way catalytic converter easy to fail, but through cleaning and conventional maintenance, you can restore its exhaust gas purification function. Therefore, as long as regular cleaning ABS Sensor and regular maintenance, China's three-car catalytic converter life will be more than abroad.