Asia is regarded to be warm; therefore, a wonderful way of cooling down would be to hit a local water park for some aquatic enjoyment along with buddies! This may be said of individuals worldwide, such as the Americans who have some amazing Disney water parks for example Blizzard Beach as well as Typhoon Lagoon to savor.


However, what are the best water parks particularly in Asia and also the Middle-East? Let us count up from 1 to 5.

1. Yas Waterworld, Abu Dhabi, UAE


Sarah Ackerman via Flickr


Yas Waterworld is among the key points of interest of Abu Dhabi, with lots of slides spread over 18 hectares. It's UAE’s 1st mega water park and it provides up to 44 rides along with other attractions, each special as well as fun-filled. Another characteristic which sticks out is the experience of pearl diving, which displays the conventional Emirati Pearl diving tradition. Several other games plus rides such as the Dawwama, Treasure-hunt, Liwa Loop and also Bandit Bomber will make you crave for more.

2. Ice Land, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

Ice Land Water Park is actually a one-of-its-kind water park having an exclusive view of frozen tundra as well as snow. It is superbly embellished and in spite of being opened just in 2010, it has obtained tremendous reputation because of its incredible slides plus rides.

The most distinctive ride in this park is actually the “Aqua-Shute” which will have you jump across the surface of the water just like a small stone up to the end of the extended splash pool. It features a full-size pool, an enormous waterfall, a huge water soccer arena and many more attractions. Numerous plastic penguins really are a pleasant sight in this region of barren desert.

3. Waterbom, Bali, Indonesia


Aiko Konishi via Flickr


This particular family amusement water park is distributed over an area of 3.7 hectares of tropical terrain in Bali. Unwind in the shades, appreciate the rides plus water or have great meals and tropical refreshments - everything may be possible when you're in Waterbom. The rides obtainable consist of Constrictor, Python, Green Viper, Boomerang, Lazy River, Funtastic, Climax, Super Bowl plus more. The world class amenities of Waterbom will definitely make it one amongst the very best water parks in Asia.

4. Adventure Cove Waterpark, Singapore

Adventure Cove Waterpark in Singapore provides something for all. It has a lot of exciting water slides such as Bluwater Bay wave pool, hydro-magnetic coaster, Adventure River, and so forth. Take pleasure in snorkeling over a vibrant coral reef along with a large number of fishes and lots of Rays featuring velvety wings.

5. Water Kingdom, Mumbai, India



The biggest water park in India and also one of the biggest in Asia, the Water Kingdom is actually a supreme amusement package for all categories of visitors. There are many attractions in this park which appeals to travelers from around the globe. You will find features like ‘Misphisly Hill’, ‘Aquadrome’, drifting river, Juicy Jammer, Adventure Amazonia, Turbo Terminator, Lemon Drops, Black Demon, and so on.

Water Kingdom is actually spread over 23 acres of land within the busy metropolis of Mumbai. Besides water rides plus entertainment, the park also offers a variety of shops as well as a number of food outlets for the guests.