The driver of the night has been far from the light, the majority of the driver cordially become a 'high light dog', I believe most of the drivers of high-light dogs hated, because the far light will not only unethical car, and very easy to let the driver instantly blinding Sensor have an accident. High beam light is too strong, in the car is very easy to let the driver instantly blinding eyes, generally back to the original strength of about 2-3 seconds, and in the 2 seconds of the car to travel how many meters! How is the road! There are no pedestrians around! Is not going to turn! The driver can not see the same sense of decline, which is caused by the traffic problems are not known, similar to the event is too much.

   Night driving the driver of the speed of the car was not sensitive, if suddenly shaken by the distance, that people will subconsciously slow down, brakes, playing the direction ... ... Imagine in the case of blinding the eyes of these operations, causing accidents Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor The probability of how big, if the brakes stepped on the throttle! Playing over the direction (out of the driveway or rushed to the opposite lane), if someone was overtaking, next to pedestrians ... ... who happened to be responsible for this accident.

 Night driving often happen to take someone else to pick you, you also open the lights to shake him! Was shining countless times will be thinking about the car headlamps to change, changed to the kind of xenon thief light, and in the roof to install a row of high beam, see who dare to shake me! In fact, remediation indiscriminate use of high light there is a certain degree of difficulty. First of all personnel problems, traffic police uncle also need to rest, and the need for a large number of personnel monitoring, and if you take a camera shot, nor is it very reliable, not every road has a camera, that is, more difficult remediation.

 In the absence of a central isolation facility or a narrow bridge without a centerline, the narrow and non-motorized vehicles can not use the high beam. In the absence of the center of the isolation facilities or no center line of the road will be car, from the relative direction to the car can not use the high beam 150 meters. Through the intersection of traffic signal control, you can not use the high beam when turning. There is no street lamp, bad lighting, or in the case of low visibility such as fog, rain, snow, dust, etc., and the high beam can not be used when the vehicle is traveling Temperature Sensor in the same direction and the vehicle is traveling at close range. Overnight overtaking, should be used far and near the light to remind the front of the vehicle. In the better lighting of the city should not use high beam.