Many of us still dream about a time when the primary trend to follow was a pair of skinny jeans and trainers. But more trends keep coming out and this latest one seem to be grabbing more attention that the ones we’re used to seeing. Sports luxe – which is the latest trend to be pushed out into the mainstream. The reason this trend has gathered so much attention is because it combines casual clothing with luxury clothing. It certainly is a look that many people deem to be odd, but this hasn’t stopped the popularity of it growing.

The trend has become extra popular because it is essentially a pair of joggers which has been redesigned so they can be worn with a wider variation of outfits. Stylists across the globe have changed the way joggers have been made so they are more luxurious. The way this has been done is through changing the material used in the joggers so that they no longer seem as casual as they usually are, and are instead easier on the eye. They have also removed the cuffs from the bottom, meaning they flow better into your footwear. Which means the joggers can then be worn with smarter clothing, which has left people wondering if sports luxe is the new smart. 

The smart clothing worn with most of these new joggers is a blazer, which adds the luxury aspect to the trend. Obviously, when you first hear about this combination seems extremely odd. This is because you usually picture joggers being worn as part of mens jackets for more relaxed outfit choice. However, designers no longer think this is the case, and designers such as Antony Morato have deiced to incorporate sports luxe into their latest collections. The joggers have now become tailored and can be classed as a legitimate option instead of wearing traditional trousers.


To create your sports luxe outfit, you will need a blazer along with a pair of joggers – as these are the key pieces of clothing needed to have a sports luxe outfit. All designers though have made sure that there are different variations of these available and you should try and make sure that your blazer and joggers are different colours – but be careful that they don’t clash with each other. A good idea may be choosing ones that have different detailing. For instance, a number of designers have made the joggers which are chequered and this would look great with a plain blazer and a pair of desert boots. This would be a great way to really get in to the sports luxe theme.


Sports luxe is definitely one of the trends that is a bit more out of the ordinary, and it may not be for everyone. But you can guarantee that it is a way for more people to take notice of your outfit. So why not try it tomorrow at the office or your next night out?