Designed by Carolyne Brennan of Hot Dot Designs© Exclusively For Boomeon 

Skill Level: Beginner

Materials needed per earring:

  • 26 gauge  wire x  50cm 
  • 4 x 6 mm  beads ( 6 mm bi-cone crystals used in the project)
  • 1 x 11mm round bumpy  ring
  • 1 x 18 mm or 20 mm Button
  • Ear wires 

Tools needed:

Jewellery cutters /chain nose pliers/flat nose pliers/round nose pliers

Tip: Practice wire twisting before you approach this project. Practice will give you neater twists.

Materials x 2





Thread 1 x 6mm crystal on to the wire ½ way mark, bend the wire around the crystal neatly & pull through the ring, thread wire into button  & pull firmly to the underside of the button 

STEP: 2  


Hold wires firmly & twist (weave an end back up through a hole and back down through the other this will keep it all tight)


Thread a crystal onto one of the wires approximately   2.5cm in length hold crystal in the middle of the wire. (see image step 3)

STEP: 4  

Twist wires evenly until you twist all the way to the back of the button (see image step 4)

Tip: Practice wire twisting before you approach this project. Practice will give you neater twists.

STEP: 5  

With the same wire that you finished the last, twisted  wire drop thread another crystal on as for step 3,

only this time make it a bit longer than the last one (3 cm) Twist the wire neatly to the centre wrap the wire around the centre of the back of the button to secure the three wrapped wire drops

STEP: 6  

For the third twisted wire drop repeat step 3.

STEP: 7  

When you have all three twisted wire drops in place, bring the both wires together and twist them evenly (see image step 7).

STEP: 8  

Holding the button firmly in your left hand between your thumb and index finger wrap twisted wire length neatly around all three wire drops in a circular motion…turning the button as you wrap. Until you reach the top of the button where you will make a loop with your round, nose pliers (see image step 8 A)

Bring the twisted wire to the front of your button and coil whatever length is left (making sure you have the same length on each earring …the coli at the front of the earring can be spot glued to hold in position. 



Finished backs of button earrings. 

STEP: 10  

See finished image. Try to make sure all your work is neatly finished and hide all cut ends You now have a great pair of earrings made from your favourite buttons!

Carolyne has been a successful practicing artist for the past 25 years and teaches from her private studios and workshops in Sydney, Australia classes in jewelry making and design along with one day specialized workshops in clay/glass/wire and jewelry techniques. You can check out more of her work, get your supplies, sign up for classes, and see a bunch of cool stuff at Hot Dot Designs.