With Xu Liuping in the FAW after the drastic reform, FAW Group, organizational structure and personnel Sensor to adjust the news frequently. And in his office on the 53rd day, just came out Jin Jinwen will FAW Group General Manager assistant, concurrently just set up the red flag marketing service minister of the news, and another news was burst.

  The current Beijing Automotive International Development Co., Ltd. Party Secretary, president of Dong Haiyang will leave the existing position, then joined the FAW general manager of the identity of the red flag, the future is mainly responsible for the new energy and intelligent network of two aspects of work. Dong Haiyang graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology, School of Automotive Engineering, automobile design and manufacturing, after the Jilin University Business School received a master's degree in management, Renmin University Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor of China School of business received a doctorate in economics graduate. Because Dong Haiyang and Xiang Jinwen two assistant general manager of the appointment involves the transfer from the external units, a larger span, the relevant procedures are still in the process, but FAW side is to ask them to enter the working state as soon as possible.

   FAW - General Manager Zhang Pijie will be transferred to FAW Group Purchasing Minister, responsible for the red flag procurement business, the original job by the FAW Commission deputy secretary Liu Yigong took over. FAW General Manager Hu Yong transferred to the FAW Group Strategic Management Minister, FAW Group Planning Minister Fu Bingfeng transferred to FAW Beijing Office Director. The adjustment involves FAW Group's administrative, business and other departments of the hundreds of cadres positions. Including Temperature Sensor the principal, deputy, level cadres, including even the general staff have to apply for posts, involving the completion of the corresponding number of competing projects over 6,000 people, the design staff to adjust the total number or super million people.

   Accompanied by frequent changes in personnel, FAW own brand and the red flag of the two plates of the corresponding adjustment and planning, but also shows that Xu Liuping restructuring FAW, revival of red flag determination, in order ABS Sensor to achieve the early 'first domestic, world-class' corporate vision The It is not difficult to see that the movement of the FAW Group or will be great in the future.