FAW hippocampus in the face of market demand, prepared for the Fumei F7, hippocampus S7 and other products, and the new R \u0026 D center also put into operation. FAW hippocampus to spend 640 million to build the R \u0026 D center Sensor has been completed trial operation. FAW hippocampus through the original factory to increase the corresponding facilities and equipment to improve vehicle research and development and engine research and development capabilities.

   Hainan Provincial Environmental and Environmental Protection Department in the environmental protection acceptance letter that the FAW hippocampus R \u0026 D center project in the construction and commissioning stage of the basic realization of the design requirements, through the completion of this project environmental acceptance. The FAW hippocampus through the environmental protection investment of 024 million yuan to achieve the new with the old, the R \u0026 D center where the original plant environmental issues were rectification. FAW hippocampus completed fuel metering valve the completion of the environmental acceptance of the R \u0026 D center project is located in Haikou City, Hainan Province National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, the enterprise spent 640 million yuan in the hippocampus a factory, two factories and three factories, increase the corresponding facilities and equipment, Vehicle research and development and engine development capabilities. Which the new trial test center is responsible for trial production of the early test car, because the production is not large and mass production process differences, and test vehicles are generally into other laboratories, including safety testing, electromagnetic compatibility test. FAW hippocampus completed the R \u0026 D center will improve the level of business testing, and further accelerate the development process.

   FAW hippocampus for R \u0026 D investment has also made a fruitful return, with BMW, Volvo, PSA and many other well-known car prices, the hippocampus also launched a three-cylinder turbocharged engine. Three-cylinder engine than the four-cylinder engine, the cylinder number less but lighter weight, simple structure, more in line with today's energy-saving emission reduction requirements. But the three-cylinder engine is due to the crank connecting mechanism caused by the imbalance caused by the machine vibration problem. Faced with this problem, some car prices choose to join the balance shaft near the crankshaft to ease the vibration, but increased the weight of the engine and the number of internal parts, in fact, relatively reduced the advantages of the three-cylinder engine. While the hippocampus is selected for this engine by adding a dual mass flywheel, through the opposite rotation and flywheel in the spring shock absorber to absorb vibration, and the use of integrated exhaust organs, independent cooling water, variable displacement Temperature Sensor pump oil pump design, Detonation and improve the smooth running of the system. At the same time the engine also uses the turbocharged, direct injection, into the exhaust variable valve timing (double VVT ​​technology) and other technologies to enhance the kilometers and torque while reducing fuel consumption.

  Specific to the product level, FAW hippocampus also pay more attention to the needs of target users. As a compact sedan, Familia will add a new 1.2T three-cylinder turbocharged engine to further reduce fuel consumption and reduce vehicle costs. In 2018, the hippocampus will also launch a light mixed system models, reducing the pollution of the environment. With the full liberalization of the two policy, the family population structure Speed Sensor is rapidly changing, more population travel gradually become the needs of the family. US 80s baby boom period 7 car sales accounted for 25%. In the face of consumer demand, FAW hippocampus created seven new class of multi-purpose cars - Familia F7.