The word "wellness" is defined as, "the state or condition of being in good physical and mental health" but I believe it is so much more. Wellness goes beyond measuring 10,000 steps a day or taking the right supplements.

Wellness also includes filling up our personal cart with intangibles that help us feel good about the way we look. As we age our needs change, such as finding the right makeup for our aging skin, or the perfect pair of attractive glasses for our changing eyesight. Finding these intangibles, and adding them to our cart, is not always easy. 

But it's well worth the effort. Here is one reason why:

I have been wearing eyeglasses since I was eight years old.  Being the only second grader wearing glasses was a humiliating experience for me.  At the time the only pair offered for young girls had a blue frame with simulated "diamonds" in every corner.   

Good grief.

After years of being mortified by wearing (very) thick glasses in public, I began wearing contact lenses when I turned 18. Now that I'm in my fifties I wear readers as well.  Today my readers are all from, an online website that offers over 600 attractive styles for under $20.  It's a relief to find a store where I can purchase readers that don't cost an arm and a leg. Plus it's nice having the option of speaking to their friendly staff of experts who are always willing to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

I own five pairs of their readers (one for my purse and four for different rooms of the house) and each are comfortable and attractive.  They offer powers of up to +6.00 so it wasn't a problem finding the right pair.

I feel good wearing my readers in public, and they help me express my individuality with their lively and vibrant colors.

Here are two more items I've added to my personal arsenal that help me feel good about the way I look.


As we age our skin tones change, so our makeup routines should change along with it.  I want to look as natural as I can while using as little makeup as possible. I know it's impossible to cover every wrinkle or brown spot, and it's ridiculous to believe that any makeup will miraculously turn back the clock to help us look ten or twenty years younger.

I've tried many brands of foundations, looking to find one that will even out some of my new skin tones.  Ah, midlife.  I finally found one - Bare Escentuals.  The light powder that I tap, tap, tap to rid of the excess is then dusted across the redness in my cheeks, and between my brows and around my chin. Using a little goes a long way toward helping me feel confident about the way I look when I walk out the door.

Nail Polish

I am beginning to enjoy having fun with different colors of nail polish. It's an expression of my creativity beyond the written word.  Seriously! Generally I use simple colors on my fingers, but my toes have been the recipients of some fun and lively colors!  I love the line Essie with the palette of colors they offer (I purchase them in Target.)  This summer I've been having fun with their "Lilacism" and "Coat Azure" –why don't you give them a try?

NOTE: This post was sponsored by, but the opinions expressed are solely my own.

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