South Korea Gyeonggi-do city of San Ying semiconductor, this sensor can detect temperature and humidity, can be used to prevent glass fog and other related devices. Sanko S \u0026 C is the first supplier of suspended particulate sensors in South Korea, not only supplying South Korean communications, home appliances and other industries, the production of temperature Sensor and humidity and suspended particulate sensors, but also to attract, including Philips (Philips), Electrolux and Ford (Ford) and other international customers. San Ying S \u0026 C is working to develop automotive air quality sensor, expect ahead of Japan, the first grabbed the market with suspended particulate sensor market opportunities.

    Sanko S \u0026 C is South Korea's first research and development of resistive and capacitive humidity sensor industry, the main customers for the South Korean appliance, communications and living environment. Company's products are divided into three categories: humidity sensor components, temperature and humidity sensors and dust smoke sensor. Used in the home appliance in the sensor, and now also slowly applied to the car. Three stars S \u0026 C past the temperature and humidity sensors, shipments to the US auto maker Ford, etc., recently people Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor on the suspended particles (PM2.5) air quality care about warming, many home appliance manufacturers have launched to detect PM2.5 home appliances Product, so three Ying S \u0026 C detection of suspended solids concentration sensor revenue, also followed by rising.

  At the beginning of 2017, South Korea's Industrial and Commercial Resources Department invited a national integrated sensor research and development program. It was expected to develop a sensor for detecting ultrafine suspended particulates. The vehicle could not only detect temperature but also improve the quality of the vehicle To monitor, is expected to invest 1.05 billion won in three years of research and development, and this plan, responsible for the car suspension particle sensor business is three Ying S \u0026 C. At present, San Ying S \u0026 C is the leader of suspended particulate sensor in South Korea. In the past, customers were mostly home appliance manufacturers. The future plan was to develop the market of suspended particulate sensor, aiming at the automobile industry. Although Japan's leading sensor industry in South Korea, but Japan's vehicle suspended particulate sensor has not been commercialized, three Ying S \u0026 C if the first into the commercialization, it is possible Temperature Sensor in the field of automotive suspended particulate sensors, and Japan, Europe and the United States industry A higher down. San Ying S \u0026 C has a lot of detection of suspended particles of patented technology, but different from household electrical appliances, automotive components on the functional requirements of more stringent, it is expected that this will be three Ying S \u0026 C, the future can successfully develop a car market Big challenge level.

   Sensor is the basic composition of IoT products, for the collection of information, the establishment of data, play an important role, can be said that the industrial era of industry pioneer. Such as LG Electronics (LG Electronics) recently introduced Signature refrigerator, for example, temperature and humidity sensing is basically equipped, also equipped Throttle Position Sensor with induction tapping, distance, acceleration, mobile and so on more than 20 sensors, and even the refrigerator is also equipped with Detection of trace abnormal odor sensor, the refrigerator once the food quickly deteriorated, you can immediately warn.

  Detection of suspended substances in the sensor, and people breathe the air quality is closely related to the current addition to the home appliance products have been carried out, a variety of IoT products on this demand is heating up. And to the AI ​​era of the sensor, will no longer just 'sensing', but to further perceive the information to be processed, the sensor and IC chip integration, will allow the sensor to become more 'smart', home appliances, cars, etc. Will be more humane. In addition to the various devices themselves equipped with more and more sensors, in order to allow cars, robots, wear devices can run smoothly, human space, the future is bound to install more sensors, the sensor market is destined to 'big outbreak' , Which has become a good opportunity for S \u0026 C to build a new business. In the past three years S \u0026 C main products for the automotive temperature and humidity sensors, household appliances dust sensor, but since 2016 so far, three Ying S \u0026 C has begun to expand many IoT customers. Sensing the manufacturing as a semiconductor chip Pressure Switch in general, the need to use more and more advanced process, I believe that soon after, the sensor will be like a smart phone, explosive growth, coupled with people for the environment, air quality and other issues more and more concerned, Measuring PM 2.5 sensor, the market demand will grow rapidly.