SUV these years are fire, Ferrari has been very fire these years, but these two have never been caught, SUV has been in the production of blacklist in the Ferrari. Ferrari's original masters Montezemolo Zengyi said frankly that 'Ferrari will never launch four products or SUVs', and in an earlier interview with the Shanghai auto show, when we asked, Lamborghini Urus to be launched, Ferrari how Sensor to think? Is still simple and powerful: NO! But now, things seem to have changed ... Ferrari to the news of the SUV has been shouting for a long time, but there is no relevant evidence, the company executives have repeatedly denied, let alone real vehicles, GTC4 Lusso is the limit of non-traditional Ferrari The

  Now, Ferrari is secretly research and development of new models, even the internal code are exposed - F16X, GTC4 Lusso will share the platform, powertrain V8 engine hybrid system, and with four-wheel drive. See here seems to be GTC4 Lusso T high-performance mixed version of the way, but why will F16X 'X'? And according to the news, it could be a real five-door car and cancel the B-pillar, expanding the rear door.

  Early Porsche Cayenne's success, the existing Bentley Tim follow the example, Lamborghini Urus, Aston Martin DBX, Rolls-Royce Cullinan are also compromise on behalf of, F16X is said fuel metering valve to be expected to debut in 2021, Ferrari could not contain Is normal, SUV is too fire, the fire to you do not do some people will say you pedantic, clever point is always a good thing, although not talk about survival, money is a good thing.

If you think F16X is too far away, and even unreliable, then to point stability, not long ago in New North exposure of a group of Ferrari 488 test spy, camouflage is not heavy, the body shape is clearly consistent with the 488GTB, But more of some new aerodynamic kits. The biggest speculation Temperature Sensor is that the new 488 will be equipped with a new power system, because the engine part of the camouflage is very tight, and the test track on the runway with the past, combined with Ferrari had said after 2019 Ferrari all lines are Will add a hybrid system.