We are in a new era of technology, with the rising application of social media and the internet in a lot of different areas. Think about how much time you spend every day on the internet, and think about the first thing you will do when you need to gather information. While as individuals, the Internet means a lot to us, it also means a lot to the companies.


This is why there are the problems with click fraud. You should understand that this is the most significant problems for the marketing team of any company nowadays, and therefore a lot of them will pay attention to the practical ways to detect click fraud software. One of the ways is to rely on software, and that software that the companies can depend on is the TEA software.


But no matter what, I will need to explain the reason why there is click scam first. At present, companies are doing marketing online. This can be seen from the website of a lot of companies as well as the online content they did. For example, they will open a FB page for the company and introduce the products or services of the company there. This is what we called social media marketing or just social marketing. While in general it is thought that this marketing method is more successful than the traditional ones, one of the problems that they need to worry about is click fraud protection.


So, what exactly is a click fraud? From the real explanation, it will mean a click that is wholly falsified. A click is a valuable asset from the points of view of the promotion effect of the company. Suppose you have got a website for the business, what you will want next is that people visits the site of it, and will see the content so that promotion can be done appropriately. If there are no clicks, that means that no one even comes across the URL to your website, so the promotional efforts are useless. Therefore, a lot of company will spend a lot of money to achieve Search engine optimization or other methods to bring clicks.


However, is that all? If you have 10,000 clicks per hour, which is very impressive, you still cannot guarantee that the marketing process had been done efficiently. This is because you will even need to do click fraud prevention. In case there is only one who clicks on the website, but then leave immediately, then perhaps it will be tough to regard them as a useful click fraud. This is what we called click fraud, and we do not want them since they will lead us to a wrong conclusion as to the real effectiveness of the promotional effort.


So, mainly all companies will concern about their traffic to the web content, and TEA software is for those companies since it is a manager of the quality of the traffic to your webpage. It will provide you with a lot of insights and ideas on how to improve the click traffic performance of your business.


The TEA software will provide a threat score of visitors for all visitors to your webpage, and it will only give a rating of engagement for real visitors. In this sense, they can detect and identify the invalid traffic — the click fraud software — and they can also trace them back to their sources and provide such information to you. You can, therefore, rely on that information to make important decisions.


Click fraud software


According to the company, the TEA software is confident that it can help the company in a lot of extended aspects apart from eliminating click fraud software. For example, it can also help to predict the sales conversion. This is an important figure that will be affected by click fraud detection. The sales conversion rate measures the possibility of the viewers from turning into buyers of the product of the company. From this, you will know that this is a very important figure to measure the effectiveness of the promotion.


This is because any online promotion aims to get the people to purchase your products or services right? If there are a lot of clicks and a lot of views, but somehow the number of sales is still deficient, this will not be something that the company wants to see, and it will need to do something to correct it. The trouble with click fraud is that it is irrelevant in computing this figure since for sure those invalid clicks will not be transformed into a customer of the company right?


Another point that the TEA software can help the company with is to optimize the advertisement campaign. This is related to the increased cost of the company due to click fraud. After all, usually the company will spend a lot of money in the marketing department and efforts, and this accumulates to be a considerable cost to the firm, as the price for registering the domain name of the website of the company, and the value to hire a content writing or editor for online content.


When there is a cost, a related question will always be whether or not the fee is paid for a good cause. If you set up a website but them, there are no views or that there are a lot of invalid clicks, then probably you will need to end this project as the cost are not generating profit back to your company. In this sense, as a click fraud software, the TEA software can provide this kind of information to the company.


The software can also at the same time measure the visitor engagement. In this way, the company will know whether or not there are loyal customers for the business. For a group, a loyal customer may sometimes be better than ten random customers. Why is it so? This is because a loyal customer is a source of stable income for the company since they will purchase more products or services from the company in the future. Therefore, a lot of companies will try their best to attract as many loyal customers as possible.


One of the beliefs of the TEA software is that they should be data-driven. Therefore, they will obtain data of the behavior of the human beings, and they propose that the action on the autopilot is predictable, like we will wake up at a specific time and we will sleep without thinking. The core business values of the software are that if they can help predict the future for the company, then it will be able to make the necessary change at present.


Under this core business belief, they start building the software that can understand and see the future behavior of the visitors on the web-pages of the companies — based on this website, what will be the most likely behavior of the visitors? — this is the only core question. They measure what we knew by the irrationality of the actions of human beings as a database, and then rely on them to predict whether or not a visitor will eventually turn into a customer.


According to them, other click fraud software ignored this relationship, and they will focus on the relationship between the expenses on advertising as well as conversions. In short, this kind of philosophy means that if a company is willing to pay more money to the promotional efforts, then more probably they will succeed in converting into sales.


From the viewpoint of the software, this kind of mindset is the core reason why the company is losing a lot of money. If there are a lot of click fraud on your website, spending more money to invest in it will not necessarily mean that the click fraud will go away—instead, they will still be there. In this sense, the more money the company is spending on, the more money it is wasting.


Realizing this, the company do not let the publishers dictate what traffic they will sell to, but instead, they will make the one who pays for the advertisements decide what they traffic they are going to target. The implication of this core difference of the TEA software is that you will be able to control back the budget of the company that is spent in the marketing department.


We now know that TEA software is indeed a useful tool to deal with issues relating to click fraud software — and we understand the reasons why it is so undesirable to the company. It will lead to the very inaccurate estimation of the effectiveness of your promotional efforts, and will potentially waste your money and investment on the promotional campaigns. Therefore, it is clear that there should be no toleration towards those click frauds, and I am glad that TEA software serves as the perfect solution for companies from different industries to deal with that.