Baby boomers, if you have been following along for the past week, I bet you have been thinking about your own little aggravations caused by aging that have cropped up in your lives.

Sure, we can accept the fact that we are getting older but we don’t have to go down quietly.

And we definitely don’t have to give up doing what we love just because it’s not as easy as it once was.

Modern technology has afforded us new and miraculous ways to retain our active lifestyles so why not take advantage of them?

Today, I wanted to finish off (for the time being) my series of articles covering “perfect products for baby boomers.” 

I finish up with 3 (that makes the total 10) simple devices that will help simplify and possibly enrich your lives by combating those little aggravations brought on by old age.

#8  The "Magellan Maestro 5310"

Let’s face it; it’s always stressful when traveling by car.

We are constantly battling the elements, traffic and idiot drivers. 

It’s even worse when you don’t know where you are going.

So, maybe you are thinking about getting a navigational device.

A little bit of research will help you find tons of great navigation units you can get and attach to your dashboard but what good are they if you can’t see them?

Enter the “Magellan Maestro 5310.”

This portable GPS-based navigation system is built with baby boomers in mind.

Most GPS devices have a screen somewhere between 3.5 inches to 4.3 inches.

The Maestro 5310 has a large 5-inch screen.

Trust me men, the extra .7 of an inch really makes the difference.

Sure there are a couple of 7 inch screens on the market but who wants Mt. Rushmore mounted on your dashboard?

The 5 inch display is an excellent size for our tired baby boomer eyes and yet it fits simply on your dash for easy line of sight usage.

The display is clean and uncluttered, the programming system is straightforward and the control surfaces are big and clear.

The unit comes with pre-loaded with 6 million POI’s (points of interest), 3 months of traffic service, the "AAA TourBook" and roadside assistance with locating and "Multi-Segment" routing.

There is also a GPS traffic receiver integrated into the case.

Baby boomers can use this device to avoid traffic or keep tabs on aging parents, especially those who have trouble driving.

#9  The "Hemo Roll"

Ok, let’s say you have been spending way too much time in your car driving around really enjoying your new navigational device.

Because you have been sitting so much you begin to notice that your hemorrhoids are starting to flare up.

Well, baby boomers there is a solution for that too.

Oh yes, you heard me right.

There is a product out of Slovakia, EU, called the “Hemo Roll.” 

It is made by a company called Tento and it is definitely a product that is perfect for baby boomers.

This is a toilet paper but it is not just any ordinary toilet paper.

This 3 ply paper (that's right 3 ply - not your lousy US made single ply) is infused with herbal compounds that claim to help reduce and prevent hemorrhoid inflammation.

According to the product's website...

“Toilet paper Hemo-Roll is 3 plies hygienic product. The coloured side of a piece of Hemo-Roll tissue paper contains a herb micro-layer of an extract from oak bark, marigold and common yarrow, with easeful effects on rectum.”


Can it get any better?

Heck yes!

The paper is now offered in two new fragrances:  fresh meadow flowers or pleasant sea aroma which will make every day a pleasant day.

#10  The “Vacuum Dry Diaper”

OK, so I would like to take things one step further if you don’t mind.

Let’s say that you are driving around and really, really taking advantage of the wonderful attributes of your new navigational device.

You are finding all kinds of interesting places to go.

You wiped your butt with the “Hemo Roll” before you left this morning so the hemorrhoids are in check.

You’re having so much fun that you really don’t want to stop not even to take a bathroom break.

Well, baby boomers; there is a solution for that too.

Yep, you heard me right.

Now, if you want to spend the day without having to take a potty break all you have to do is get yourself the “Vacuum Dry Diaper.

This is a disposable diaper complete with a built in vacuum port and an externally attached collection reservoir.

Believe it or not, the system looks extremely simple and functional.

The overall concept of the “Vacuum Dry Diaper” is that upon the first flow urine is vacuumed out of the diaper so that wetness and odor do not build up.

There is an explanatory video on YouTube that covers the specifics of how the system works.

Now, there really are no boundaries on how long and how far you can drive.

All kidding aside, this device is actually well suited for anybody inflicted with incontinence issues.

What a great ideas huh?

If you have been following along with my past 6 articles on the “perfect products for baby boomers” you will already know that my discussions today about these 3 products are completely and absolutely unsolicited.

Like all of my past product reviews, I saw the products on line; researched them and saw that they fit a need that we all share and it looks like they do it very well.

Have you run across any products like this?

If you have and you think they would benefit our fellow Baby Boomers, please tell us about them in the comments section.

I guarantee that in the future I’ll be bringing you more cool products that I feel are perfectly designed to fit the "active lifestyle" needs of our baby boomer generation.

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