According to research, every year more than 700 000 people move to another part of the country after they retire. While some choose a new place to live because of a better climate, others consider the proximity to their children as well, and move closer to them to spend more time with grandchildren. Therefore, before deciding where you should move after you’re retired, do the research and consider several factors that will influence the final choice.

What to consider before moving

Moving to another city, country or a house is a huge milestone, so you should ask yourself what is the reason for moving. What makes the current location wrong, and why would the new one be much better. If you’d like to spend more time with your grandchildren, then start thinking about the places near them. What’s more, think about the environment you’d want to live in. Whether you’d be more comfortable around like-minded people, or would you prefer a place in a more diverse environment. Some retirees have set their goals for the golden years, so make sure you’ll be able to fulfil them at the new destination. Furthermore, just because you travelled to a certain destination, and you liked spending time out there, it doesn’t mean you should move there permanently. Some places are enjoyable for travelling, but not so much for living. So, make sure to have this in mind and think it through well.

Access your finances

While you should do soul searching before determining where you’d like to retire, the real deal breaker will be the money. So, if you’re not close to retirement, but you plan to move when you reach the golden years, be sure you start saving as soon as possible, so you can afford anything you’ve imagined. You’ll run into various accessible and affordable retirement homes for sale when you start to look for the perfect one, but only if you have enough money, will you be able to invest in them.


What to look for in a new location

If the place where you currently live has been perfect for all the previous years, then you should look for something as close to it for your retirement years. However, you should also make your decision based on several other factors. If the crime rate is low, downtown is clean, active and safe, good hospitals are nearby, the city could be a great place for you. What’s more, it would be great if the city or a town would have low overall tax rate, mild climate, friendly neighbours, and low cost living. With good recreational facilities, walkability, active social environment, low housing costs, relatives and friends living nearby, and the view to a scenic beauty you’d be having wonderful retirement years.

Travel an experiment

While looking through new locations online or through friends is a good idea, you won’t get to feel the new location unless you visit it first. So, think about travelling to destinations you might have thought about moving to. Spend a couple of days there, or an entire vacation, see if the people are friendly, whether the climate is good, and try to picture yourself living there for the rest of your life.

Final thoughts

They don’t call retirement the golden years for nothing. You get the opportunity to finally dedicate some time to yourself, and your needs, wishes and goals. It’s also the perfect time for you to start a brand new adventure in a new country, or a city and experience life from a whole new point of view. Therefore, if you’ve decided to move when you are retired, be sure you’ve done your research and that you’re 100% certain that it’s the right thing to do.