I published my first book this year.  Finding My Life Through The Children's Home and it can be found at this link on Amazon.   http://goo.gl/GUJQZa.  It is about time I spent in a children's home in Uniontown,PA.  I was placed there by my birthmother's in 1957 and she died 6 days later.  i along with my twin brother were adopted on Christmas Eve 1958.  I found  the women that worked and took care of me, and how I found my biological family which I never knew I had.  This transpired 50 years after leaving The Children's Home.  It has been an awesome journey, to say the least.


my website is www.janetmancini.com. My blog www.janetlmancini.com.  I have a Facebook page, Finding My Life Through The Children's Home