First Steps After Retirement

Today is a monumental day Baby Boomers.

Not only am I bringing you another inspirational "Fervid Friday" feature but I am introducing my first "guest blog" and my first "female" blog.

Those in the know are aware I am expanding the horizons of Survive55 and one of the critical "misses" that I am correcting has been the utter lack of support, guidance and consultation from the woman's perspective.

Well, today that ends and it couldn't have happened at a more opportune time.

If you recall yesterday's article, I talked about trusting myself after leaving the corporate world.

I have struggled to let go of my identity that was so comfortably seated in my long term tenure in middle management with Fortune 500 companies.

Like many friends and business associates, I was identified by my job.

It's a frightening and intimating place to be when your job is no longer there for you. 

Like I said, the fates were aligned and I received a wonderful story from Sarah Spencer*, my inaugural guest expert about the exact same subject.

She experienced the same fear first hand when she retired years ago from the radio business.

Here's her story............

A few months back we were celebrating the retirement of my buddy that had held the afternoon drive show at a well-loved radio station for 30 years.

Seeing him in the room full of his friends and associates, I remembered when I stepped away from the microphone just shy of 14 years at that station and how very scared I was.  

We identify ourselves so deeply with our careers.

I'm an announcer.

I'm a mother.

I'm a business woman.  

But strip those away and what's left?

I could see that look in his eyes when he received an iPad as his gift of loyal service, replacing the gold watch that is so rarely attained these days. 

His hand stroked his hair and I could almost hear his thoughts across the room:

Who am I now??  

He was way too young to head for a rocking chair.  

I went up to him after the congratulatory hugs and rounds of drinks and he looked happy but......

"You okay?" I asked.

"Oh yeah, yeah.  

It's just, well,  it's a lot to take in."  

He scribbled his number for me on his retirement speech and asked me to stay in touch.  

I didn't call him.

I had heard he began his retirement with a vacation to the Cayman Islands.  

I ran into him over the 4th of July weekend and asked how his "amazing" vacation was.

"It was... okay."


The Cayman Islands should be met with more than a lukewarm "Okay." 

I knew that something was wrong. 

He was still lost in the fact that he was now retired.

He was struggling to come to grips with the fact that he could no longer be identified as the "afternoon drive guy" on the radio.

The initial rush of retirement hits you full-force.  

Maybe there's a euphoria for a month or two, and then it just becomes tedious.  

Life is more than work - life needs meaning and purpose.  

You need a reason to get up in the morning.

You need a passion that sets your soul on fire.  

Since I left radio all those years ago, I have my hand in all kinds of projects.

I developed websites and marketed fascinating businesses.

I have championed some wonderful causes like

I have written and recorded creative journeys for

And on the weekends, I ride my horse.  

I'm never bored.

So how does the average Baby Boomer transition from working 50-60 hour work weeks, complaining about having no time, to endless fishing trips and rounds of golf?

First Steps After Retirement

You can:

  • Sit quietly and wait for inspiration.
  • Write in a journal.
  • Read all the books you wanted to read but never had the time before.
  • Get brave and call up friends to see if they wanna hang out to talk about ideas.
  • Reflect on what your life was, bless it, release it and then embrace the change.
  • Take action and turn the page to begin the rest of your life.

I chose to do all of these and then some.

But sometimes you need a little "bump" to push you in the right direction.

Here are 5 suggestions to help you on your way.

5 Great Resources to Help You Get Unstuck:

I found these incredibly powerful in helping me through the "stuck" spots in life:

1.  Ho'oponopono - Dr. Hu Len came up with this simple, powerful mantra to help clean out negative energy and get yourself clear on loving your new way of life.

You can call it a bunch of hooey or embrace it and give it a try.  

Here's a YouTube link that will introduce the concept to you through Joe Vitale.

2.  Overcoming Underearning - Barbara Stanny wrote this book and if you're facing financial blocks, this is the book for you.  

She's just released another book that I had the pleasure of reading the first six chapters before its' release and it has best seller written all over it.  

It's called "Sacred Success."  

These are wonderful books, both of them, and worth a look.

3.  Laws of Success - Napoleon Hill's timeless advice is classic if you want to get yourself into a mindset for business.  

There are boatloads of videos out on YouTube - try this one to get started:

4.  Got Clients -  I spent a year studying clients and put together the recipe for what successful business owners do to get clients. 

If you are interested in starting an internet business, I hope you'll give this a looksie-first:

5.  7 Spiritual Laws of Success - Deepak Chopra wrote these and when I read them, it inspired me to write a meditation on these principles called Mountain of Sleep on our site.  

Take a look at this pdf and write it in your journal and read it every morning to get you in the right frame of mind.

I hope these help you move forward in your life as they've helped me.

If you found my blog helpful, interesting or even funny I bet your friends would to. 

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The more Baby Boomers we can help, the better place we make this world !!!

Thanks for joining me..........................................................

* Thanks to Sarah Spencer for this wonderful addition to my website.

Sarah is a former broadcaster, Area Marketing Manager for Adelphia, Account Executive for AT&T, and founder of award-winning internet marketing companies, "Got Clicks" and "GotClients."

If you want to learn more about her.......