For a dad, it’s the best thing to hear the voice of your kid speaking on the other side of the phone. We adore them when they start using mobile technology like tablets and cell phones. However, one of the biggest fears dads have is the threats that linger online. There’s no doubt that parenting is already a scary enough experience, but technology isn’t exactly making it easy either. Yes, there are some goods in using technology, no doubt, but then dads are always worried about safety. A dad wants to share his experience with a child monitoring app with other dads on He felt it helps keep kids safe while they use their mobile devices.

Why the Dad Opted to Use a Child Monitoring App

Dads are mostly away, working hard day and night to keep their kids happy and to give them a good life. While moms do their best, dads know that there are bad people waiting for innocent kids to fall into their trap. Here’s what the dad who used Xnspy shared with us, “My son, then twelve years old, often used my tablet while I was away. One day, a random female stranger messaged on WhatsApp and sent a very immoral image. Innocently my kid opened the image and was too confused to tell me about it. I stumbled on it in my gallery one day but I was too scared to ask anything. It just made me worry what else happens in my absence while my kid is alone with the tablet.”

Of course, you would understand the dad’s dilemma. His main problem was what was going on in his son’s head after seeing such content. Was there most contact with that random stranger and the child weren’t talking about it? Although there was parental control enabled on the antivirus, he couldn’t stop feeling that he could have done something more. For future safety, he researched a lot online and read about various mobile monitoring apps.

What Mobile Monitoring Involves

Mobile monitoring options include access to text messages, browser history, bookmarked websites, and various internet messengers. Once installed on the target device, he could monitor all conversations on WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Skype, Viber, LINE, KIK, and others. It may not monitor some other famous IM apps though. It allows blocking unwanted apps too, so dads can use this feature if the need arises. From wherever he was, the dad could access the Xnspy control panel to screen all these activities in the cell, including call logs. Whenever he wanted, he could check all photos and videos on the tablet. The app shows the source of each photo, allowing the father to track each sender.

Classic Touch

There is a slight hitch though. You cannot monitor multiple devices with a single subscription. You will have to register individual devices. However, you can monitor from a single control panel.

Ensuring Safety by Blocking Unwanted Contacts

As our kids grow older and go into school life, dads worry about bullies. No father wants to see his kids scared or worrying about bullies at school. Bullying at school can extend to online bullying easily; all your kid has to do is share his or her cell number with schoolmates. Once a bully gets your kid’s the cell number, that’s the beginning of struggles for your child. In fact, sometimes, the bullying extends to social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.


Not just bullies, sexual predators are online everywhere. Dads worry about this problem a lot more than they share or discuss. This is why; using a child monitoring app comes as arelief. Besides, it was very affordable ($12.49 premium package per month) and easy-to-use. Dads are supposed to be the superhero in their kids’ lives. They have to live up to this reputation and foresee dangers. They have to keep their kids safe without compromising the trust they have.

Using Such Apps Helps Preserve “Dad-Me” Trust

Talking to your kid is usually the first step any parent should take. Yes, most dads are not good with having the talk with their kids. It can go all wrong if not handled with caution. How would you ask your kid if a random stranger has shared sexting content with them? It sounds very awkward, so imagine how kids would feel. You can have a different approach now. Instead of asking weird questions, just tell them that for their safety, you would be watching their mobile activity. It gives you mental peace knowing they are safe and this is important for you and them.


Choosing your words careful is necessary. You cannot snoop around your kids’ cell phone or tablet. What would they feel like if they catch you sneaking? You would lose your image as a great dad who trusts them. Our guest dad felt using the child monitoring app was a better way to handle this. After letting the kid know he will be watching, there was transparency. His son used his mobile gadgets with confidence, knowing his dad is keeping him safe. From the control panel, our guest dad could see everything without the need to hover or ask for access to the device.

To sum it up, our guest dad’s experience with this software was good. Yes, there were some hitches along the way, but at a very affordable rate, he could keep his kid safe. He could maintain a trusting relationship and find mental peace.